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human senses

We could have up to 33 senses according to neuroscience

From childhood we are taught that we have 5 senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell. However, more recent studies of neuroscience - as the...
marijuana cures cancer

Proof of How Marijuana Cures Cancer

Helios7 provides you with best research data to prove how Medical Marijuana cures cancer. Marijuana also known as Cannabis is known to have cured...
root canal good or bad

Is Root Canal Good or Bad ?

Many dentists believe they could sterilize a root canal and that the act of implementing and irrigate the canal will eliminate all bacteria, but...
best sleep apps

Best Android and Iphone Apps for Sleep Meditation, Relaxation & Tracking

Finding time to get enough sleep has been an uphill struggle since we invented artificial light. It is vitally important to our health that...
what is insomnia

What is Insomnia? What is the main cause of insomnia?

What is Insomnia ? Understanding why we need sleep and knowing the cause of insomnia is the first step in reaching an agreement with and...
artificial organs

Artificial Organ designers will remove waiting lists for transplants

We tell you what organ designers do, the profession that will save lives by eliminating waiting lists for transplants in the future. The design of...
phantom limb syndrome

Discover a way to end phantom limb syndrome

The so-called phantom limb syndrome is the feeling that an amputated limb is still connected to the person's body. And one of its consequences...
bionic hand

They design a bionic hand equipped with an artificial eye

Is it possible to create a prosthetic arm that works just as naturally as a normal arm? That dream is now a little closer,...