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Best Android and Iphone Apps for Sleep Meditation, Relaxation & Tracking

Finding time to get enough sleep has been an uphill struggle since we invented artificial light. It is vitally important to our health that we devote enough time to sleep. So if you tend to have trouble falling asleep, then we offer the best apps to sleep that are available for both iOS and for Android.

Your mind is a chatterbox which sometimes does not let you go to sleep. It is really important to put your mind to rest first or listen to some soothing music or relaxation yoga which can relax your mind. Remember, only a relaxed mind will go into a sleep state.

Let us see some of the apps


Download link: Android | iPhone

If you just want a free application that helps you keep track of your sleep, you wake up at the right time and you are interested in how you sleep, then SleepBot should be your first choice.

Using a simple system synchronization when you sleep and when you wake up, SleepBot can keep a remarkably good record your sleep. It even has a clock offset if you’re the kind of person who takes a little time to go to sleep. SleepBot can also use your phone sensors to track your movement while you sleep, and can be configured to record a quiet conversation.

SleepBot sets an alarm to Wake up during periods of lighter sleep. The truth is that, in general, SleepBot is full of interesting statistics and graphs, and even has section guides where you can learn how to improve your sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Download link: Android | iPhone

Sleep Cycle is a unique experience for those who want to get all the benefits of waking up during a lighter period of your sleep cycle, but do not worry so much about keeping track of specific times.

Like SleepBot, Sleep Cycle uses the sensors of your phone to track your movements, noises, and position while you sleep, so you can slowly wake you at the optimal time, ensuring you feeling wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Sleep Better

Download link: Android | iPhone

You may know Runtastic but no other app the group: Sleep Better. This application aims to make the process of following your dream become rather in a journal.

Better Sleep supports recording your sleep, is an intelligent alarm which aims to wake up at the right time and uses sensors to monitor your dream state.

However, Better Sleep also allows you to delve further into several details of his dream also including a diary of your sleep, caffeine and alcohol tracker, and even the phases of the moon.
This may seem a little intense, but it’s all that allows you to see what really helps you sleep, and it also keeps you awake. This application certainly will help you learn more about sleep.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Download link: Android | iPhone

Remember when you were a kid and the sound of rain on the car helped you sleep? If that’s a memory you share and have trouble sleeping, then Rain Rain Sleep Sounds could be the app you’re looking for.

It has a catalog of over 25 natural noises to help you sleep, like rain in a tent, distant thunderstorms, and rough ocean waves. Do you like to hear a storm over the ocean from your store? You can even mix each track to get the perfect sound. And no need to worry that it is ringing all night, because a custom timer will slowly fade sounds, offering a quiet night’s sleep after you fall asleep.


Download link: Android 

Is your phone Android? If so, you may like to know that Sleepo comes with 32 sounds carefully selected, classified into four different categories: rain, city, nature, and sounds for meditation.

Like other applications, you can mix these sounds to create your own personal track, or simply use each with built so they will fade when you sleep timer. Thanks to the wide range of sounds available, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a selection to help you stay away.

Sleep Genius

Download link: iPhone

This app has been developed using information from NASA about helping astronauts sleep. Sleep Genius claims to offer the first truly scientific application in the world to help sleep.

It does so through a specific program of relaxation that reduces heart rate, stabilizes your brain and helps you release tension and stress of the day, which facilitates sleep.

It also works as a smart alarm, with a gradually increasing intelligent alarm that has as objective to wake slowly and naturally after your rest.

Interestingly, it also comes with a power nap feature that lets you take short and quiet to increase your performance during the daytime naps. It is the first payment application on this list, but definitely worth having in mind if you have not had success with other applications.

Sleep As Android

Download link: Android 

Sleep as Android is one of the most successful applications sleep Android applications and most interconnected sleep you can get on an Android device.

Able to speak with smart watch Pebble, Android Wear and Galaxy Gear, Sleep as Android also integrates with applications fitness as Google Fit and S Health, to be sure you get enough sleep to match your activity levels. Registration comes with sleep, snoring motion tracking, you can play sounds to help you sleep, and can even control the smart bulbs Philips HUE. It is one of the best examples of an Android application connected.

S Health

Download link: Android 

Applying own health from Samsung comes pre-installed on Samsung devices, but is also available for other Android phones.

S Health is primarily a fitness tracker but has some sleep tracking capabilities. While normally avoid fitness trackers that would otherwise have built followers of sleep, the app S Health has some features that make it stand out from the multitude of sleep tracking applications.

It will try to automatically record your sleep, depending on your activity with your phone. Therefore, if you leave your phone right before bedtime and you re-raise shortly after waking, S Health can help you keep track of your sleep records. In addition, the application will rate your sleep and wakefulness.


Download link: iPhone

Pillow is a dream tracker for iOS devices running the Apple Watch to provide more detailed than a normal sleep tracker information. By integrating with heart rate sensor Apple Watch, Pillow watch you even while you sleep, taking into account your resting heart rate and movements you do overnight.

Thanks to the integration with iOS devices Pillow, you can also use the same account on all your iOS devices. Pillow also comes with a mode Power Nap, intelligent alarms and support iCloud for free, and also supports a lot of premium features such as reports customized dream and integration with health application Apple for a single payment of $ 5 dollars.

Calm: Meditation

Download link: Android | iPhone

Sometimes, you just have to calm down a bit before bedtime, and that is where applications like Calm: Meditation appear. In this case, the app contains several guided meditation courses sleep and stories that help promote stress relief before bedtime.
It aims to introduce the user into a deeper and more relaxed sleep. And for those who do not like hearing voices, it offers soothing nature sounds to help you get away and unwind.
However, some options in this app require a subscription fee for access.

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