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Best Art History Apps for Teachers & Students on Android and IOS

Smartify is the mobile application that you should use every time you enter a museum or an art exhibition. Its use is very simple since it will only have to detect the work in question through the camera of photos.

Once you have identified it, you will be able to know its history, the criticisms and all the information concerning the author.

Smartify is a real-time image processing system that can be used in paintings, sculptures or other objects. In this way, and using the augmented reality, the organization aims to enrich the visits to the artistic centers.

Download App Now on Google Play and IOS (iphone, ipad)

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The augmented reality is the term used to define the vision of an actual physical environment through a device. It is a way to enhance reality by providing useful information that you can consult on your mobile screen. And is that, many institutions are already using technology to bring culture to the population, making it more accessible to all people with special needs.

What is the best thing about Smartify? It does not use the location of the subject, so you can use it in the comfort of your home by pointing the camera to a postcard, a photograph, a poster, etc.

Although it may seem something very new, it has a resemblance to Shazam, the application that can recognize a song and identifies the title and author in just a few seconds.

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