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Best Explainer Video Company in India

Explainer Video Company

Explainer video companies provides short and captivating video for a product or service, an idea or a notion. These videos are targeted at promoting business or services for a particular business website. An explainer video can be made using whiteboard animation, 2d or 3d Animation depending upon product or services.

Best Explainer Video Company – offers best explainer videos to clients starting from just $95.


Key aspects of the job and duties of best explainer video company:

  1. Content Development: The explainer video company discusses with clients to ensure that they get the right message across to their customers/clients. Afterward, they will create a text-script that provides the information related to client products/services in plain language.
  2. Scriptwriting: The script is very important part of the development process. It usually comprises of narration, illustrations along with animations or any kind of graphics to aid in explanation.
  3. Storyboarding: Most animator and explainer video companies start with the storyboard.They are pictorial representations of each scene in the animation film detailing out how the movement will be done using animations or live action.
  4. Animation and Design: Animation is added to the script to give a real human touch to the script. This animation can be done using whiteboard animation, 2d or 3d animation. Sometimes this animation is done through AI spokespersons
  5. Voiceover and Sound Design: Explainer videos usually feature a narrator or speaker who will explain the whole service/product in simple voice with good sound effects. A professional voice actor can also be employed by the explainer video company to give a realistic feel to the video.
  6. Client Collaboration: At every stage of the development, the explainer video company has to work with the client to ensure that their final product is inline with the inputs given by the client. These feedbacks will help to ensure that the final product meets client requirement 100%.
  7. Distribution Strategy: Some explainer video companies also help to promote and advertise these explainer videos on social media platforms using premium services for best exposure. This is where social media marketing can help.
  8. Measuring Effectiveness: In addition, the explainer video firm assist the client in monitoring his/her video’s performance. One should also track views, interaction and other critical metrics which will determine the success of the video.

In general, an explainer video company aims to convey the client’s message/product or services in an attractive and appealing manner. 

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