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How much does seo services cost in india?

seo services costing and pricing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that enhances your site visibility on search engines so that it can be easily tracked by visitors. It is a process that ensures your website to be ranked high. To optimize the site well is not an easy task. It is an ongoing process and the task doesn’t end by optimizing the site well it also involves continuous valuation of search results on a regular basis.

Costing of SEO depends on two services i.e 1st Organic SEO and 2nd PPC or (Pay per click) services. There are clients who are looking for Organic optimization and there are clients who are looking for PPC. Sometimes clients are interested in both services at the same time. Let us see costing of these two services:-

How Much Does SEO Cost in India

Pay Per Click Services Costing

PPC Services cost starting from $95 which will promote your website on any 1 Selected PPC platform. You can either choose Google PPC, Facebook PPC or any other.

Organic Search engine Optimization Costing

Organic optimization encompasses various Technical aspects as well as digital marketing for which it is best to hire a company which offers complete comprehensive package delivering top notch Seo services. Costing for Organic search engine optimization starts from $195-$495/Month for basic business website.

Top 3 Seo India Companies offering best Packages

Following are some of the best seo companies which offer top-notch seo packages to clients worldwide.

  1. offers various packages starting from just $495/month. This Package offers A-Z digital marketing and SEO services along with FREE Website Maintenance + PPC Services + Social Media Marketing. It is one of the best services which provides A-Z marketing Services.


2. offers SEO Packages from $295/Month. It offers website optimization services along with PPC services for 5 Keywords on any 1 selected search engine. BSolutions is an industry leader in providing complete business solutions to clients worldwide. Their expertise lies in Technical SEO and Website Design/Development.



3. offers Seo Packages starting from just $195/Month. This Package offers Seo optimization for upto 5 Keywords on 1 Selected Search engine. Buzzdigital also provides animated explainer videos to clients. Higher package by offers FREE Ai Spokesperson videos along with animated explainer videos.


How to Optimize a Brand New Website?

Though the SEO process is nearly the same, however SEO experts’ opinion varies on what makes a website rank well. Here are few steps required while planning a SEO friendly website.

Website Design

The first and foremost thing is Website Design. You should design a site that is visually pleasing to visitors. You should know that your website acts as an introduction of your business, so the content should be professionally written and easily accessible and understood by visitors. The foremost goal of each web page should be to offer what the visitor is looking for and direct them to that page. You should design a website that is SEO friendly, is properly indexed on almost all search engines. All images and flash used should be redirected well

Site Content

Now that you designed your site well the second step is to write content rich web pages that enables to sell your idea.. To write a rich content page you should include the necessary keywords and this involves a considerable part of time. The content should be SEO friendly and to ensure it you should develop the content that is rich in keywords. If you’re Websites is optimized in this way you will be able to achieve a constant flow of targeted traffic to your business and prevent your website from getting penalized or even banned altogether.

Keyword Analysis

While designing websites developing the content and the right key words involves considerable research and takes lot of time. For certain keywords, others may have to be chosen that give a better search-to-competition ratio. It is also important to ensure keywords are relevant and specific to each of the web pages. Each web page should be optimized individually depending on the content of that page.

Link Analysis

Most of the search engines give great importance to a ‘Natural Link Profile’ while indexing a website. However it doesn’t just involve the internal and external links but it involves the process to check who you’re linking to, using associated links from well-respected websites, and positioning your link near a small paragraph of relevant Anchor text that contains keywords.

The only way to do good linking is to avoid link farms and reciprocal-link requests from shady websites, and concentrating on linking to and from respected and authoritative web sites, you will be well on your way to success.

SEO is an ongoing project. You should review your rankings at least once a month and compare it with other websites that provides same services as yours. Every day new websites appear but search engines continually change their ranking criteria, so that a ranking on the first page today may suddenly drop to page 3 the following week. It is also necessary for a website to grow in size and content, otherwise it will fall behind the many other websites on the Internet fighting for the same top ranking you are searching for.

Seo India

Seo Companies in India offer some of the best SEO services.

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