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Hiring right seo company is vital for the success of your business website. Digital marketing focuses on various areas which helps your website to generate active traffic from online users on popular social media sites. SEO on the other hand helps to generate traffic from users who are searching on popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Before, you decide to hire top 10 seo companies in india it is important that your seo company offers key technical issues which will impact rankings of your website as well impact conversion rates to a great extent.

What are the Key SEO Issues faced by clients worldwide ?

  1. Mobile Compatibility Issues — If your website is not mobile friendly, then you will not be able to get your website ranked higher on search engines. Search engines have made it very clear that they favor websites which are mobile compatible
  2. Website loading speeds — If your website takes too long to load on mobile devices then it will ensure that your website does not rank higher on search engines.
  3. Over-Optimized Content — If you add content with entire focus on optimizing content for search engine bots and not humans then it will not help in SEO.

You must always hire best Seo Company in India which has specialization in offering seo packages which aims at addressing some of these key issues while optimizing your website on top of popular search engines.

Top SEO Company in India —

BSolutions Technologies, India offer best seo services to clients worldwide. You can visit Seo India BSolutions now for Wordpress website development, and free SEO Analysis/Report. Free SEO Report will help you identify key problem areas on your website which needs to be addressed.

Importance of Digital Marketing for your Business?

In simple words, it is replacing Traditional Marketing.

Traditional Marketing — Traditional Marketing means advertising your products through TV Radio. But just now, the companies are promoting their products more by social media. Because most of the people in the world are still active online. The main reason for the promotion of social media is that it reaches more and more people online. Digital marketing is a mix of all the techniques that can be used to attract people to online presence, increase Return on Investment, and to do effective branding, etc.

Each company creates its customers by marketing itself. In more simple language, sitting at home sitting in the house, making your brand popular. This is a type of Marketing is known as Internet Marketing.

Important Elements of Digital Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing — such as Facebook and Amazon upload their promotional videos for publicity of their brands. By which people got the details of their products, which came up to the people. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are very profitable. These sites help users communicate easily. They work as a medium between the audience and the company.

How Important is Social Media Marketing for Your Business?

Content means all things that you see on a website or newspaper such as Images, Texts, Videos, etc. The main reason to use this is to attract people. Draw more and more people towards yourself. Big companies adopt this strategy. Content marketing in simple terms means creating content and reaching people who are searching for information/links related to their products and people come to them. This is being used by Leading Companies. Such as Cisco, P & G, Microsoft. S

4. Search Engine Marketing– Search Engine Marketing implies that you are targeting users who are searching on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO — Is is an integral part of search engine marketing where your website is optimized for best settings in order to attain higher search engine rankings on search engines.

5. Viral Marketing— Promotional Videos, Funny Ads, Creative Ads help to create viral marketing network where users share your media/video or content for maximum number of times on Twitter, Facebook or any other popular video sites such as

Influencer Marketing— This marketing type means influencing people with their strategies means attracting people towards yourself.

7. Pay per Click— When you open a site, you will see “ads by Google” sometimes times. This is the Adsense network of Google which allows you to advertise your website on Google Adsense Network. Also, Google Adwords allow you to advertise your website directly in Google search engine results.

8. Public Relation — Changing your strategy according to the needs of the people, expanding yourself

9. Affiliate Marketing — The company is encouraged to increase its sales such as a discount offer. Affiliate websites are offering discounts market your product on their respective sites which helps to increase your revenue. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart and much more have their affiliate marketing network which will pay you a commission each time a sale is generated on your website.

Hopefully, this new information will help you a lot in your new business. And as soon as the momentum is moving forward, technology is increasing. And along with those technologies we also have to walk ahead. Hire best seo company India now.

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