Law Institute Victoria

The primary objective of the LIV is to cultivate the rule of law and facilitate advancements and enhancements in the legal system that impact the people of Victoria. Throughout its extensive history, the LIV has consistently advocated for justice, actively contributing to the formulation and refinement of state and federal legislation. Additionally, it has undertaken substantial efforts to educate both the community and legal professionals, while ensuring the maintenance of high standards and professionalism among lawyers, including specialized accreditation in contemporary legal fields.

With a membership exceeding 18,000 lawyers and individuals involved in the legal field across Victoria, interstate, and overseas, the LIV harnesses the dedication, diversity, and expertise of its members to shape the legal landscape of Victoria and uphold justice for all.

The LIV’s commitment to justice for all is demonstrated through its endeavors to promote social and public welfare within the courts and legal system. Furthermore, it strives to enhance education and instill public confidence in both the legal profession and the processes involved in the creation and administration of the law.

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