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How to Legally Watch Movies Online for Free

We give you a preview page for free downloading movies websites that are completely legal and offer users to download movies legally.

We all love movies, especially free movie watching and double profits if such movies are available and easily accessible. However, the only problem is that if you are looking for free movies on the Internet, you will face a long list of illegal websites that offer you the latest Hollywood or Bolivian blockbusters for downloading movies, and many of them are trying to give you some viruses. Many of you use movie streams, but here we present some movie sites that are completely legal and contain free movies. That! Free movie watching and free movie download in a legal way! You may have never heard of some of them.

Where can you legally watch movies online for free ?

Following are some of the websites where you can watch movies online or download them legally.

The Internet Archive :

Yes, among other things, The Internet Archive offers free download of movies to its users. Known for collections of music and books, it also features great movie titles that you can download for free in the form of a torrent.


Retrovision is the next free source of great movie titles. The second plus is Retrovision’s genre- based menus that make searchable movies easy for users. Movies are sorted by various popular categories such as Adventure, Comedy, Criminals, Cartoons, Fantasy, Horrors, War, Dramas, and Wonderland, and so make downloading movies easier.

If you want all movies on one screen, simply click on “All Movie List.” Great place for free legal downloading of movies.


Crackle is another great site for free movie watching. Because Sony is the site owner, most Crackle movies are under Sony’s copyright, but Sony has a great collection of movies! The site requires easy registration and then leads you to the world of movies with which others can not compare.

Crackle has many popular movies, and TV shows that you could not find anywhere else. Crackle’s offer includes Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy and many others.


We all know YouTube by their famous video tutorials, unlock videos, movie announcements, and music videos. But YouTube is also a great storehouse for Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

If you explore deep enough, you will find more channels that allow you to watch movies free of charge. If you’re a fan of the indie stuff, YouTube is a great source of unconventional but popular movies that you could not find anywhere else. The Paramount Vault is one such channel that contains many cult classics. You can also find many long forgotten movies by searching for the Best of YouTube Movies.


MoviesFoundOnline is a great site with free movies, independent movies, TV shows, stand-up performances, etc. The site features movie titles ranging from classic classics and short films to documentaries and comedy. MoviesFoundOnline does not have their content but offer download links. Any content that violates someone’s copyright is deleted.

Open Culture:

If you’re a movie fan of Charlie Chaplin, Open Culture is the site you have to visit. It offers high-quality movies from all over the world. In addition to movies, Open Culture offers free online courses and free language lessons, e-books and audio books.

Through Open Culture, you can download virtually all Oscar-winning movies and currently hold approximately 1,150 free movies. If you love western movies with John Wayne Open Culture, you have over 25 free movies here. Comedy, drama, horror as well as Hitchcock’s movies are available for watching movies online.


PopcornFlix is not the same as the Popcorn Time torrents. This free movie watching site is owned by Screen Media Ventures and boasts many titles.

The website has thousands of free movies ranked by many categories like drama, action movies, comedy, horror, etc. PopcornFlix features many original National Geographic series and many other great documentaries about nature.

Classic Cinema Online:

This website is for classics. If you are a fan of classic cinemas, Classic Cinema Online is the web site for you. Classic Cinema Online includes cult classics like Bye Bye Birdie, Moby-Dick, and Lone Ranger, which you will not find elsewhere. The website can boast of a good search engine that quickly presents your choice of genres without any complications.

Public Domain Torrents:

Public Domain Torrents is the only Torrent page containing completely legal torrents for a free download of copyrighted movies. This free movie site is home to many old and classic movies. You can watch movies online for free, or download for free.

There are, of course, many more free movie download sites as well as watching movies online, but we have tried to keep on legitimate sources that do not have hair with the copyright of the owner. Of course, for these reasons, the choice of movies is smaller than you can find on torrents, and many older dates, which does not mean that they are bad, and you can find a lot of people among them. Documentary fans can find plenty of National Geographic episodes, and they also feature cartoons. We hope you find someone for yourself and enjoy free movie watching before the upcoming holiday season

Watch This Video to Know Few More Sources where you can watch Free Movies Online

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