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How to Chat Online Free and Meet People Safely

chat online
chat online

Chatting online has become more and more easier these days. You can simply download an app and chat with anyone present on the social network. However, not every app is safe. Most of the apps ask you special privileges such ask

  1. Access to your Photos
  2. Access to your Call Data
  3. Access to your Mobile Messages

In order to talk or chat with someone you actually do not need to give these access to any App. This is the first level of safety.

Once you are chatting with someone you need to take care of few things such as:-

  1. Do not disclose your intimate/personal pictures.
  2. Do not share your location/addresses unless you know the other person.
  3. Do not share your mobile phone numbers unnecessarily.

Instead of chatting on apps, it is must safer to chat online on a website which does not ask you to disclose your phone number in the first place.

Video: Safely Meet a Person You Met Online



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