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Top 10 Horror Movies of All Times

Top Scary Movies

The Exorcist –  William Friedkin (1973)

If you have to choose a horror movie classic par excellence, that is without a doubt  The Exorcist . It is an adaptation of the novel by William Peter Blatty inspired by a real exorcism in the fifties, in Washington, of Regan, a twelve-year-old girl. And you, haven’t you seen it yet?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  – Tobe Hooper (1974)

Almost 50 years after its release, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  continues to be one of the favorite horror movies for lovers of this cinema. And it is that, although today it impacts much less than in its time, according to Eude, “its director marked a before and after in the genre at that time”.  

Martyrs –  Pascal Laugier (2008)

In Eude’s own words: ” Mártires  is very strange: it looks like it’s going to be a normal kidnapping movie… but no. It’s very  heavy  and not everyone can see it. It’s a very crude movie and perhaps the one that can surprise the most to an analyst. It is a very little known film but “essential” according to Eude, especially if you are a lover of horror movies. For the freestyler, what surprises the most are “his plot twists” because “it surprises you more and more.”

Hereditary –  Ari Aster (2018)

Perhaps  Hereditary  is  one of the most controversial films of recent years, since, as Eude says, it is a “very uncomfortable” film. However, he himself admits that, “for better or worse, the movies that make you feel things are the best.” 

The Shining –  Stanley Kubrick (1980)

The Shining  is a true classic and the story behind the film is chilling. Its leading actress, Shelley Duvall, was traumatized after filming; the daily stress and the continuous demands of the director led to panic attacks, hair loss and subsequent depression. Even the writer of the novel on which it is based, Steven King, did not like the film. However, today it is another essential. 

The Invisible Man –  Leigh Whannell (2020)

“Brutal” is the word Eude uses to describe The  Invisible Man . “This movie is very cool because it doesn’t talk so much about the invisible man as a monster, but about the relationship between two people. It has a very strong social background and that makes it very interesting,” explains the freestyler.

The Blair Witch Project –  Daniel Myrick (1999)

The Blair Witch project  marked another turning point in horror cinema for its narrative in mockumentary format. The marketing strategy that involved the film left a cinematographic lesson for history, since it broke down the barriers between reality and fiction. And it is that the film itself, supposedly, was a true story, since the production company even created a blog where it announced that they had found some tapes of some disappeared boys who went to record a documentary of an urban legend about a witch… and to To know the rest, you’ll have to watch the movie. 

Let Me Out –  Jordan Peele (2017)

For Eude,  Let Me Out  is essential because of how “different” it is, because the plot catches you like never before, and even more so after the narrative twists that reveal the story. The film won an Oscar in 2017 for Best Original Screenplay and its importance is crucial, since it is only the sixth horror film nominated for the most prestigious statuette in the industry in all of history. 

28 Days Later –  Danny Boyle (2002)

In Eude’s own words: ” 28 days later  is wonderful, its director is one of my favorites in Europe. He even blew up a gas station to give the environment more realism and left London without warning to record in an environment as close to an apocalypse” . If you like movies about viruses and infections, this is your ideal movie. 


The Others –  Alejandro Amenabar (2001)

The Others  by Alejandro Amenábar is a milestone in Spanish cinema. It had 15 Goya nominations, of which it won nothing more and nothing less than 8. Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Direction and Best Film are some of the categories it won and today it is fourth on the list of films most awarded at the Goya. 

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