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Pennywise, The Scary Clown from the Movie IT returns to terrorize the public after 27 Years.

Pennywise, the Clown, is a character created by author Stephen King’s horror book ‘IT.’ The writer characterized him as a monster who eats children, and also feed on their main fears. In 1997, it was decided to adapt the work to the small screen (TV), the mini series created ended up causing nightmares for both adults and children.

This year, after 27 years off, this clown returns to terrorize the public in the film which premiered on September 8 and has been breaking records at the box office for its strong scenes, production and above all controversies, it has generated, here we leave some:

In 2016, when he had announced the release of the film, people in the United States began to dress as clowns to scare people, to record and upload videos to the Internet. This ‘fashion,’ spread to other countries, Brazil and Mexico, and even several participants were arrested by police. The media claimed that it was a marketing strategy to publicize the upcoming film, but they quickly denied the rumors.

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A group of Russian clowns addressed the means for requesting the prohibition of ‘IT’ in theaters across the country, they argued that this type of negative film consequences for their profession, denigrated and offended the feelings of the people They dedicated to entertaining children. On the other hand, the circus of Yekaterinburg (Russia), made a strong criticism of it, calling it not be suitable for children as well as the poor image of clowns.

Burger King chain in Russia also called for a ban:

Turning to Russia, one of the Burger King franchises in the country also called for banning the film, claiming that Pennywise had a resemblance to Clown competence, Ronald McDonald aspect also both gave away balloons of the same color (red ), and this appeared to be a disguised advertising rival franchise.

Statements of the World Clown Association:

A member of the AMP (World Clown Association), have raised concerns about the movie as this scary clown concept has given rise to coulrophobia (phobia or irrational fear of clowns and mimes). With movie IT this clown is now more terrifying and become more popular, and it robs the livelihood of those who earn their living as a clown and working for the circus.

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