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The Past History & Future of Electric Cars

When we talk about electric cars, many think of the future. Maybe in some science fiction movie, or driven by some millionaire ‘geeks’. However, it is far away from reality. The electric car is not a recent invention. Its origin dates back to the 1930s, long before the appearance of cars with a combustion engine (in 1885).

The electric car is not a recent invention. Its origin dates back to the 1930s, long before the appearance of vehicles with a combustion engine.

In the Year 1821, a British physicist named Michael Faraday carried out a series of investigations on electromagnetism, which resulted in an antecedent of the electric motor. This motor became the basis for the creation of the prototypes of vehicles powered by electricity.

Michael Faraday (1931)

Till date, it is not clear as to who invented Electric cars. Some say it was Anyos Jedlik, a Hungarian engineer and priest way back in 1828. Others point to the contribution of the American Davenport couple. In 1834 (and patented in 1837), Thomas and Emily developed a prototype small-scale vehicle equipped with an electric motor powered by a battery. Around the same time, the Scottish inventor Robert Anderson designed a carriage fitted with this engine.

Whoever was first, all these inventors encountered the same obstacle: autonomy. The first batteries used in these cars were heavy and could not be recharged. For this reason, until rechargeable batteries appeared (created in 1859 by Gaston Plante), it was impossible to speak of genuinely operational electric cars and vehicles capable of competing in performance with those that already existed.

Due to limitations, retro electric cars were used mostly in cities during 19th century. Oddly enough, in 1910, the electric car industry dominated the market. However, gasoline cars were slowly gaining ground, especially in the United States, due to the easy availability of cheaper gasoline.

A Brief History of the Electric Car

In 1990, a law got passed which sought to reduce the number of polluting cars circulating in that state. However, influential oil companies caused the initiative to fail commercially, and the law never got passed. It was the second time the electric car was “killed.”

However, in the past few years, there has been increasing concern about CO2 emissions from gasoline cars, which has made electric cars more popular. Many car owners now prefer to own an electric car over gasoline cars.

The Advantages of owning an electric car

You will save on fuel, maintenance, and parking

Today an electric car can compensate you economically compared to a combustion one. It will prove a money saver. Traveling 100 kilometers with an electric car can cost €1, depending on your electricity rate. For a combustion car, you will need 7 or 8 euros.

You will also save on maintenance. Here you will not have oils to change or wear parts to replace. The mechanics of an electric car are elementary and much more challenging to break. The energy regeneration system saves a lot of wear on the brake discs and calipers.

Many towns allow electric car owners to park for free. If you park a lot in the city and it is full of blue zones, you will save lot of money. These savings will surely help to compensate for the price paid for an electric car in a few years.

Also, the insurance of electric car is less compared to gasoline cars. Owning an electric car will surely give you more advantage over owning a gasoline car.

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