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What are the Akashic Records?

The sky element is considered space and this air element is inside each cell of the air element. Whatever we speak, do or think are all recorded in the sky element by the air element. What we call the celestial record.

The record of the whole world IS STORED IN celestial record/aKASHIK RECORD

Akashik Record refers to the “Ever Existing Cloud Data” which existed in the Universe even before universe was formed. There is a celestial record even inside the earth. There is a record from the time this earth was built till today. Therefore, each and every event which is taking place leaves its memory in space which even scientists have now recognized as universal knowledge bank. Many scientists have mentioned about this Akashik record in their writings.

The Akashic Record as per Religion

Long before the science, religious books and texts have mentioned this Akashic records in a different format. Most of the religious books talk about previous life, next life and various other things which have been neglected by the modern age science for a long time.

Reincarnation or previous life data has been talked about in various religious books. Most of the religious books do talk about some Storage where all your life deeds (good or bad) are stored at some place and depending upon this data  your next life is decided by the God (or universal energy of the cosmos). This is the common belief system of most of the religions.

Watch 30 Min Reincarnation Research Movie ft Dr. Ian Stevenson if you wish to know more about Religious & Scientific view of the reincarnation akashic records in Budhism below


Some agree while some may not agree with this theory. However, what religion is talking about is somewhat seems to be converging with the modern age science now. If previous life exists, then Akashic records must be existing. There have been cases where children who were born in a different country and different place easily remembered their previous life events.

How to Access the Akashic Records?

If Akashik records exists, there must be a way to tap into Akashik Records. There has been no scientific tool yet to access this Akashic records but when scientists and researchers are claiming that there indeed exists akashic records then there must be a way to access this door of knowledge.

Some believe that through meditation and deep focus you can actually get an access to the Akashic records without using any tool. Let us try to understand if we can somehow tap into this Akashic records to find answers to some of the questions related to just anything.

We can atleast give it a try to see if we succeed or not until any scientific tool is invented to dive deep into this realm of hidden knowledge of the universe. If this record exists then there must be tool to access it and this tool can be your mind.

Watch Video on how to access this Akashic record through your mind/meditation


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