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How dangerous is Fast Food for your Health?

Fast food is a part of modern lifestyle. From children to youth and elders, there is a lot of love for fast food. Party or travel does not work without them. You know that fast food increases obesity, but do you know that fast food also affects your brain? This causes your body to gradually become home to diseases.


Some of the Dangers associated with Junk Food (when consumed in large quantities or consumed on regular basis)


If you eat fast food every time you feel hungry then it can also cause your stress. People who eat fast food in greater quantity tend to have the higher level of stress.


Eating fast food fills your stomach, but due to lack of these nutrients, your body does not get enough protein, vitamins, etc., which is necessary to keep you healthy. This causes you to have problems of fatigue.


Fast food is high in calories and sugar. Which causes your weight to increase. Fast food is deficient in nutrients, causing harm to the body instead of benefiting it.

Heart diseases

Fast foods increase the level of cholesterol in your body. Due to which the risk of heart diseases increases. It also increases your weight. The more you gain weight, the greater the risk of heart attack.


Too much salt is found in fast food. Increased levels of fat and salt increase blood pressure, which adversely affects the kidney. The amount of salt in fries and chips is very high.


According to a study published in the European Journal, eating fast food rich in sugar and fat increases the risk of colon cancer related to colon cancer. According to another research, it also increases the risk of Protest cancer.


Fast food can also cause type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs due to such eating, deteriorated lifestyle like obesity, not being physically active. Fast food-growing obesity later leads to type 2 diabetes.

Escape measures

Fast food spoils your health and damages the body as well as the mind. To avoid this, stop eating fast food and consume nutritious substances. Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

Is there a chemical composition of fast-food available commercially.?

Every Fast Food available commercially undergoes testing by food scientists whose job is to make sure that the chemical composition/structure of the food is exactly same in each and every store in order to make young people addicted to the fast-food. Young children easily fall into this trap as they get feeling of “joy and happiness” not because they are imagining things, but the food has indeed been prepared with a particular chemical composition in order to make it addicted to young.

This is the specific reason why children who get addicted to a particular brand (Company A) never feels that same level of happiness when they are given same product from Company B. This chemical composition is protected by fast-food companies and they are willing to spend millions of dollars per year to protect their secret ingredients and recipes which has specific structure.

Watch the Science behind Addictive Food from CBC

Always opt for Healthy Food

You can always carry healthy home cooked food. If this is not available then you can always rely on healthier options and opt for fruits instead of ordering a junk food. You have multiple options such as nuts and dry fruits.

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