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Is your Mobile Spying on You?

Mobiles were invented to ease mode of communication between two people. However, in the last few years, the privacy issues and data collection by marketing and surveillance companies has made users to think “Is my Mobile is spying on me?”.

When you search anything on a popular search engine and visit any website or even Video Website, you will see similar ads running on the videos. How come is it possible that video website knows what I am looking for ? Not only that,  where you go, where you eat, at what time to leave airport, all these data are transferred from your mobile phone to the mobile towers and when you are carrying your mobile phone you are actually a living IMEI unit moving around. So your digital id in the mobile network is not your name, but your IMEI number embedded deep into your mobile device.

How Your Phone Is Spying On You | Edward Snowden


There are many apps which have been known to exploit user privacy and have gained access to the messages, phone calls, cameras, photos etc etc. Each time you install a device it immediately asks you for access to “Phone Calls”, “Cameras”, “Photos” and many other accesses. If you are installing a social media app, it just does not make any sense to allow these accesses.

The Bigger Question is why do these Apps Ask for these Privacy details? Lets Watch this video to understand this whole Surveillance of mobile phone networks which remains on 24/7

Watch this video on what happens to your voice on Android Device


China’s 100% Surveillance State

china spy
china spy

With the upcoming 5G Technology this mobile data is going to get bigger and bigger i.e your personal data which will be stored is going to get bigger and bigger. This is the no.1 reason why 50,000 5g Towers were first installed in China wayback in 2019 and they are planning to install upto 500,000 by the end of this year.

In order to understand this surveillance it is best to look at China. China is under complete surveillance where each and every citizen is monitored 24/7 and China has developed social credit system where they give citizens Points depending upon their good or bad habits.

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