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Samsung Flex 2020: Upcoming Flexible Smartphone

Samsung is going to be one of the first to make the leap to the market of flexible smartphones, a type of device that has been in development for many years and has had some early interactions, although quite limited (LG Flex and Galaxy Round ).

Let us see this amazing smartphone to know more about this cool mobile.

Samsung Flex 2020 Future Smartphone with Flexible Display


The concept of flexible smartphone goes through the idea of ​​using a screen that can be completely folded without any problem, which obviously requires using other flexible elements both in the housing and internally (components), or using a distribution particular that leaves a space in the area where the fold will occur. The latter is, without a doubt, the simplest alternative.

DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, has confirmed that they are working to be the first to reach the market for flexible smartphones, a sector that according to the South Korean executive is full of possibilities, so much that it could represent the next great way of expansion of a market that is currently in a situation of partial stagnation.

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