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Star Wars Darth Vader will help you Clean your House with Samsung Powerbot VR 7000

Samsung Powerbot Vr 7000 - Now Darth Vader will help you clean your House.

We are all big fan of Star Wars and have appreciated many of its series. Samsung is now taking a step further with Star Wars series and has launched robotic vacuum cleaner VR 7000 which resembles Darth Vader from Star Wars series.

The fever Star Wars continues to grow as we approach the expected day of the premiere of the new movie. And now it’s not just the fans, but the companies that join the party with a number of products related to the franchise.

Such is the case of Samsung, which introduced a new limited edition Star Wars of the robotic vacuum cleaner Powerbot, the VR7000, with the designs of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.


This edition is the result of a collaboration of the company with fans of Star Wars, in anticipation of the launch in December of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the final film in the saga of Disney and Lucas Films.

Darth Vader’s version of the Powerbot Intelligent Vacuum features a specially designed cover with premium materials customized to create Darth Vader’s iconic black mask. The Stormtrooper version reproduces the familiar black and white appearance of a Stormtrooper’s hull.

The Darth Vader comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and its own remote control, and both also offer fun sound effects appropriate for each character. For example, when turning on the unit of Darth Vader, the aspirator produces a sound imitating the breath of the villain.

In order to create a special edition product that is authentic in the eyes of Star Wars followers, Samsung says that it worked closely with fans at every step of development, including product planning, design, production, marketing and distribution.

“We are excited to be a part of the excitement of launching The Last Jedi and presenting our limited edition Powerbot partnership with Star Wars fans,” said BS Suh, Executive Vice President of Business in the area of ​​digital appliances in Samsung Electronics. “From its industry-leading suction power, slim design, and intelligent features to wonderful voice feedback and sound effects, we are confident that the VR7000’s limited edition Star Wars will be a great success. “.

Pre-orders for the Star Wars Powerbot Special Edition will begin on its website beginning Oct. 10 for the United States. As part of the launch, Samsung will also present its video “Vacuum your Space” that was created by fans of Star Wars. It was announced that they will also have a variety of offers and rewards that will continue to be made known.

Any Star Wars fan would think the possibility of having Darth Vader at home is a dream come true. However, seeing him helping with household chores may seem like a nightmare to those who admire that character.

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