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Welcome Lifi, The Technology which will replace Wifi

Welcome Lifi, The Technology which will replace Wifi

Lifi, The Future of Wifi

Light Fidelity, which is also known as LiFi, uses visible light from LED bulbs to transfer data at a much faster speed than WiFi-based radio waves.

Lifi, 100X Faster than Wifi ?

While most of the current research uses rare materials to provide light to LiFi to transmit data, a team of Chinese scientists has successfully created an alternative – F-CDs, a fluorescent carbon nanomaterial which is much safer and faster.

“While researchers around the world are still working on this, we were the first to create it using affordable raw materials such as urea with simple processing,” said Qu Songnan, who is an associate researcher working at Changchun Institute of Optics.

How Does Lifi Works?

In previous studies, carbon points were limited to the emission of lights such as blue and green. The new nanomaterial can emit all visible light to the human eye, which is an advancement in the field of the fluorescent carbon nanomaterial.

This is a significant development in Life, which will replace Wifi in the next 5-6 Years.

LiFi can reach speeds of 50 gigabytes per second and can complete the download of a movie in just 0.3 seconds.

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