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Twitter deletes thousands of accounts of a group QAnon spreading conspiracy theories in favor of Trump

The QAnon movement maintains that a criminal group, led by Obama, the Clintons and Hollywood stars, has organized a plot against the American president.

Twitter has deleted in recent weeks more than 7,000 accounts linked to QAnon, a dark movement that is stirring in social networks the existence of a conspiracy against US President Donald Trump. “We have made it clear that we will act firmly to enforce the law against potentially harmful behavior. In this vein, this week we are taking action on QAnon’s activity throughout the service, ” the company Twitter said early Monday morning in a message posted on the social network account dedicated to security issues.

“We will permanently suspend accounts that tweet about these issues that violate our policies, that coordinate harassment against individual victims or that try to circumvent a previous suspension, something that we have seen more frequently in recent weeks,” the company continues.


QAnon emerged in 2017 as an anonymous movement on the networks . In October of that year, a new user registered on the anonymous 4chan forum with the pseudonym Q and claimed to have access to secret documents that would prove the alleged conspiracy against Trump.

Twitter has added that it will not include content from accounts linked to QAnon among its trends and recommendations and that it will block links on these theories so that they cannot be shared on Twitter. About 150,000 accounts will be affected by this measure, according to a company spokesperson quoted by AFP.

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