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Magnetic Storm to Reach Earth Today, October 13

A magnetic storm will affect planet Earth this Friday, October 13, until Sunday 15, Russian weather center Phobos reported Tuesday and quoted the Russian news agency TASS.

The phenomenon, caused by the arrival of solar wind to the Earth, will extend until October 14 but the earth’s magnetic field could undergo alterations until Sunday 15, according to information from Infobae.

Jorge Galindo, director of Civil Protection, warned about the weather phenomenon in his Twitter account.
Meteorologists said that this could lead to failures in electronic devices and increase the risk of accidents, as it could also affect navigation and telecommunications equipment.

On the other hand, people sensitive to these weather conditions could suffer physical discomfort, from headaches to nervousness, irritability, exhaustion or anxiety.

The latest series of magnetic storms began on September 6, when the first particles of solar plasma that escaped the sun’s gravity came to Earth.


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