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At the moment in which we acquire a house we find different things that must be considered so that everything goes perfectly. From choosing the ideal home to knowing the credits and mortgages available, going through the payment of taxes and insurance and deed charges.

Many times it is important to have the appropriate advice to know every detail of the sale of the property, from the smallest detail to the most important; therefore, the professional help of a real estate agent is needed, who are here to make the process simpler and easier.

A real estate agent is a person who helps clients negotiate and arrange the purchase, sale and rental of real estate. Generally, you work for a real estate broker and must be licensed to work. Also, they usually belong to the National Association of Realtors, which is an institution that is responsible for seeing that professionals in the field work ethically.

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Already answering the initial question, would you like to know what else an agent can do for us?

The Estate Agents will inform you about the documentation you need, will serve as a link between buyers and sellers, and will guide you on all the steps to follow from the beginning to the end of the purchase or sale transaction; They help to compare properties and in this way know what the competitive market price is, and they provide a list of them, which includes the price, location and characteristics of the property, to name a few.

Represents the seller of the property, seeks clients interested in it. To find the ideal client, agents promote the property through advertisements and home displays. Furthermore, they accompany potential clients interested in buying or renting and visiting properties. They are in charge of presenting the purchase offer to the sellers and are the mediators in the negotiation between buyer-seller.

The most important job of real-estate agents is to ensure and ensure that the terms of the contracts are met, as well as to do all the paperwork and prepare the documentation for the purchase and the deed. They are the ones who must know the laws on real estate and must provide advice on the matter.

When a person is interested in buying a house, it is good to go to a realestate agent, who based on the budget will know what to look for and where to look. They will be in charge of analyzing the offers and presenting the most viable ones. On the other hand, if an agent is hired to sell the property, they will advise on the value of the property, depending on a series of factors, such as the location, the services it has, the proximity to service areas, schools, parks, hospitals, etc.

Asking the Real Estate Agent for help means having a person with a certain skill, knowledge and experience to guide you through the buying or selling process, as well as a person who is up-to-date with what is happening in the real estate market.

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