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Is Root Canal Good or Bad ?

Many dentists believe they could sterilize a root canal and that the act of implementing and irrigate the canal will eliminate all bacteria, but that’s not the case.

Most of the tooth structure consists of dentinal tubules, hollow structures extending from the main channel to the outside. If you are going to put these tubules end to end of a single tooth, they extend for about three miles.

But they are large enough to harbor bacteria, which never could be eliminated or sterilized. A tooth is more like a sponge than a solid structure.

A tooth after the root canal is dead, and the necrotic tissue tends to cause problems.

A tooth after the root canal is no longer alive. Is dead tissue that should never be left in your body. If you have appendicitis, the surgeon simply will not remove and leave it there. He has to remove it. However, when it comes to your teeth, this rule is ignored.

Moreover, you are never given information about the material used in the filling process. Most of the times mercury used in the root canal process which is a neurotoxin and can cause multiple diseases which includes cancer due to its high toxicity. Your human body is not made from laboratory created chemicals. When laboratory-created chemicals come in contact with your natural organic cells, it can cause severe problems.

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