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5 Android Paid Games that you can get for free today

If you are looking for free new games for your Android smartphone , we recommend below 5 that are generally pay but you can download for free today. They are:

Zombie Raid: Survival

In this game you will be a lumberjack hero and you will have to defend yourself from the Zombie Apocalypse , get more weapons along the way and prove that you can survive on levels based on side scrolling.

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Mystery of Fortune 2

Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of Fortune Chronicles and it is the official sequel to the SRPG Mystery of Fortune that came out in 2014. In it you will have to explore a total of 85 dungeons with your own army and get better and better equipment according to you advance.

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Planetarix is ​​an interesting game for the development and improvement of memory and attention. In the world of the unknown, you will have to reveal your allies. You go from planet to planet to discover who your friend is and most importantly who is not. You will need all your concentration to look for similar planets and avoid obstacles.

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Laserbreak 2

Laserbreak 2 is a very addictive and original puzzles game with millions of players all over the world. Control your laser and use various physics objects to collect coins and destroy targets. You will have to use your brain power , forward thinking, and creativity to solve challenging and action puzzles.

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Cubes is a simple and addictive puzzle game . The goal is to form or complete a pattern with moving cubes . The first levels of the game are basic so you can master the concept quickly. You will then have challenging but accessible levels with nice patterns and cute pixel art

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