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Protesters clash with police in Downtown Seattle

The country lived a weekend marked by riots in various locations in states such as Oregon, Seattle, Texas, California, Atlanta and Virginia, amid protests against racism and police abuse called by the decision of President Donald Trump of sending federal agents to some cities.

The clashes took place this Saturday and Sunday, between the security forces and the protesters. They are an extension of weeks of demonstrations against racism and police mistreatment of people of African descent.

In recent weeks discontent was added by President Donald Trump’s decision to send federal agents to various cities to control the riots. A decision that has caused strong opposition from both citizens in general, and some mayors and governors.

Trump announced a few days ago that he will send more men in uniforms to contain violence in cities governed by Democrats, something that has been pointed out as a political strategy in the midst of his failed management in the face of the health crisis and ahead of the presidential elections of November 3.

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