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10 Biggest Movie mistakes you totally missed

We love movies. Well, maybe this is a bit of an understatement. For most of us, films have been an integral part of our lives. When we were a little bit, it was a great deal to sit with family or friends and watch the latest versions.

As we grew older, we were looking forward to watching those acts and horror films that we kept on the edge of our seat and waking up at night.Today we can share movies that I liked with our children or make a night out date that comes out with great others or friends to see that the latest comedy.

10 Big Movie Mistakes You Missed

If we do not go out to the theater we can stream our favorites directly to our living room. Maybe you’re still ‘old fashioned’ and enjoy collecting a great library of your favorite movies on DVD and Bluray. Whatever your choice, it is clear that movies play important parts in our lives.

There is a lot of money to be spent and made in the film industry. For example, James Cameron’s Avatar costs $ 425 million to make but has made an astounding $ 2.78 billion. Christopher Nolan has made great popularity in re-running Batman well with the rising Dark Knight costing $ 275 million to make but bringing nearly $ 1.1 billion. With so much money (and reputation) at stake, filmmakers employ the best actors they can, get the best writers they can and do their best to make sure that every little thing is perfect in the film. Specific lines, fashion, lighting and sound – if the little thing is out and noticeable can make a great movie into something much less.

Take movies such as Dai Dai Another Dae, King Kong, Catuman and The Scorpion King – all of which would have been good films if not for the sheer brutality of the effects that made them look like they were made on some children’s computers as part of the school project. So do not get started on bad writing. Watch any of the Star Wars Brukels and you’ll see what happens when the terrible writing meets substandard. Everyone in the theater was attacked when Hayden Christensen, in the midst of a hot battle of death or death, Obi Wan Kenobi, said, “From my point of view a serious evil.”

What does Seth say?

Of course, the movies can still be a fan favorite solid, and are considered great, even if they have errors scattered all over. No fortified film of having an odd slip. Camera slip-ups, continuity errors, animation errors and straight-line unintended blowers – these all exist to varying degrees throughout the many movies we love. Most of the time, we are most likely missed in the first few times through. However, there is a good chance that at some point you’ve seen a boom microphone or visible crew. Maybe I noticed an object was there in one shot, went in the next, just for a mysterious return at another angle. These are all common types of movie errors that, often, become as famous as the rest of the film.

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