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Which are the most popular movies of all time with Highest number of pirated/illegal downloads?

Pirate films have been present on the Internet since the “ancient” days, i.e., from the beginnings of the Internet. Pirated movies (just like any other pirated or illegally copied stuff) can easily be downloaded from the internet.

However, pirated movies cause innumerable damages to the movie industry where illegally created content and Dvd rooms are used for the promotion of further illegal activities and also terrorist activities.

Over the past ten years, the content that was most pirated along with video games was certainly movies. Following is the list of movies which recorded the highest number of illegal downloads and piracy.

In various parts of the world, money from this pirated DVD network is funneled into a terrorist and other illegal activities.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Release date: December 2013

The number of illegally downloaded copies: more than 30 million

Here’s a quick overview of the movie: Leonardo DiCaprio’s main role in the film is played by Jordon Belforta, the world’s most famous broker, or a man whose company committed various law violations, starting with tax evasion, scams, and corruption.

If you did not know it, the movie is based on the true “events” of Jordon Belfort and the book that was written by a former Wall Street broker. The director of this blockbuster was Martin Scorsese, and within just one month of the release, this movie was an overnight success.

The wolf from Wall Street has even been nominated for several Oscars, but none it has ever won. That’s why the movie was known for numerous controversies including the use of drugs, orgies, excessive showing of sexual scenes, and of course a strong language or a dictionary that contains a lot of not very pleasant words.

Total Earnings: 400 Million US Dollars


Release date: end of November 2013
The number of illegally downloaded copies: about 29 million

This film revolves around a princess named Anna, whose main goal is to go to an unknown and rather dangerous adventure that includes a search for Ann’s sister Elsom, who was captured in the eternal winter.

The film is based on a children’s fairy tale called The Snow Queen. The music was directed by Christophe Beck, while the duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez were in charge of writing songs. Shortly after the film came out in the cinema, it became a success, both regarding marketing and criticism that was mostly positive.

Some even believe that Frozen is the best Disney animated film ever since it was considered to be a kind of Renaissance Disney movie (or time between 1988 and late 90’s).

Frozen has won two Academy Awards as well as Best Animated Feature and of course the best song award that can thank Let It Go for songs.

Further, Frozen has earned more than $ 1.3 billion in revenue. However, the movie has been illegally downloaded more than 29 million times.


Release Date: October 2013
The number of illegally downloaded copies: about 28 million

Gravity is the story of two astronauts who get stuck in the space after an accident. Their main task was to figure out how to go back to Earth.

Two actors who played the lead role were Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, which was also one of the reasons why movie became a success. The movie became a commercial success.

What’s best about the film and what has brought the most prizes (including seven Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Score and Best Visual Effects – Best Runner Award, Best Cinematography, Best Music and the best visual effects) was the mode of direction, scenario, cinematography, visual effects and of course acting.

The movie has earned more than $ 700 million worldwide, but illegal travel has been downloaded more than 28 million times.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Release Date: December 13, 2013
Number of illegally downloaded copies: about 27.6 million

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Release date: April 2014
The number of illegally downloaded copies: about 25 million

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Release date: May 2014
The number of illegally downloaded copies: about 24 million

This sequel to X-Men was based on the return of Wolverine in the past, more precisely in 1973. The film is, of course, based on the same name. Some of the actors who starred in this blockbuster include Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, and of course Ian McKellen. Of course, the movie has become a commercial success and of course – has been downloaded illegally more than 24 million times.

12 Years A Slave

Some of the most popular movies include 12 Years A Slave (23 million copies downloaded),

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (23 million copies downloaded)

Avatar, 2009 blockbuster downloaded more than 21 million copies

Transformers: Age of Extinction from June 2014 – a movie that has been downloaded more than 20 million times illegally.

Despite the enormous commercial success of each of these films, piracy continues to take away a large part of the cake, which ultimately damages the film itself, which is why there are special laws today that piracy want to end.

Help to Stop Piracy and Help to Stop Terrorism. The money generated from illegal DVDs ultimately goes into illegal activities. Websites which allow download of illegal movies infect your system with dangerous viruses which remain elusive for almost 1-2 Weeks and can cause a massive attack on your computer/laptop at a time when you are completely unaware. Protecting your System Data is much more important than watching a movie.

99% of the illegal download websites have malicious malware attached with the download. When you download the movie or anything illegally, you are exposing your system to various invisible malware on your systems. This malware makes your system accessible to the users who can spy, or hack into your system or worse steal your important data.

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