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Q. Which is the fastest car in the world right now ? – A. It’s Bugatti Cheron 2017

The Bugatti Chiron has officially become the fastest car from 0 to 400 km / h, and acceleration took just under 42 seconds.

The Frankfurt Moto Show 2017 opens its doors to the public tomorrow and Bugatti has not prepared anything new for the model. But that is why they took the opportunity to commend the fact that Chiron is the fastest car from 0 to 400 km / h.

Bugatti Chiron – Record from 0 to 400 km / h

The fastest is the Bugatti Chiron – It has achieved an acceleration record of 0 to 400 km / h

Time Taken ?

Only 41.96 seconds, which does not sound so fast, but believe it is very fast. After the driver presses the brake, the car needs 491 meters to fit, giving a total of 3,112 meters of required tracks. Of course, this is a special driver, and in this case it was Juan Pablo Montoya, the celebrated Formula One driver.

So far Bugatti has sold 300 out of 500, and this will only speed up the sale.

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