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What are the best gaming mouses of 2017

Which mouse to choose and how to know which gamer mouse will make my gaming experience unforgettable?

Every gamer who loves to play computer games possesses a mouse, but unfortunately, most gamers do not have the mice that would be the best for them regarding adequacy and quality compared to what a gamer is playing. Whether you play RTS, MMORPGs, or FPSs – this is not the same, and each genre of games requires its mouse type.

Although some mice, such as Razer’s Deathadder or Logitech’s G900 Chaos Spectrum mean quality and reliability, does not mean that these mice will be ideal for you. There are many factors and factors that need to be considered before you decide to buy a mouse because one wrong decision can mean the difference between an excellent, definite or catastrophic gaming experience.

Depending on the game you play, as well as some other factors, the difference in mice is much deeper than the amount of dpi or the sensitivity of the mouse movement you are using. Likewise, although the price of technology plays a very high role, it should be said that neither here is “all in all.”

We want you to choose the best and best of your own, depending on your preferences and therefore we will list some of the best and best mice that will be able to find something for yourself.

Razer DeathAdder Elite – Buy Now at Amazon

Positive side:

  • The mouse with probably the highest quality sensor on the market
  • A mouse that is ideal for “palm” or “claw” grips
  • Excellent glide/slip

On the Negative Side:

  • You need to login to the official site before you remove the mouse drivers
  • Razer’s DeathAdder is one of the best mice on the market at all. DeathAdder also combines the quality of use that is reflected in excellent precision thanks to a high-quality sensor, as well as equally good and precise use, regardless of whether you hold a full-palm or if you are a gamer, holding it as if you held it with a cue.

DeathAdder Elite just continued where his predecessor stood. He has made minor improvements to the already perfect perfection with which DeathAdder is familiar with us, with the Elite version getting a bit more expensive.

What is the mouse doing good and what is the difference between high quality and high-quality mouse?

First, the design is what decides much about it. When we talk about the DeathAdder Elite mouse design, then we need to say that there is a mouse (if any) on the market that is design-engineered in a better way than DeathAdder Elite.

The scroll wheel is large, but neither overtraining nor tedious, as well as two buttons on the side of the chassis whose sensitivity is incredible. The rubber surface prevents slipping, while the side buttons ensure that in any situation the player is not handicapped (and we know how much mouse quality depends on games that require fast reactions). All in all, for the vast majority of gamers and genres of Razer’s DeathAdder Elite games, will be the first choice.

The mouse is simply almost perfect regarding all parameters. However, if you have a smaller hand or a smaller hand, DeathAdder Elite will still want to be the second or third choice because the mouse is a bit bigger, which in itself is not a shortage but could present a problem to gamers with fewer palms, which is why we come to the mouse which we will describe below.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Buy Now at Amazon

Positive side:

  • Very lightweight (only 92 grams)
  • New Sensei design combines a similar predecessor design with better solutions regarding adhesion quality and plastic quality
  • Ideal for small handheld users

On the Negative Side:

  • Prelate and too small for those with bigger palms

SteelSeries is known for its quality gaming mouse, and is similar to the Sensei 310 model. Specifically, at Sensei 310, SteelSeries wanted to consolidate everything that was good to the forerunner with some new solutions regarding adhesion quality and material quality.

The New Sensei 310 “lies” in hand like his predecessor. This means that the Sensei 310 is ideal for users who have fewer palms, regardless of whether they are a user with a dominant left or right hand. Each key is properly deployed, so there is no fear of a “random” click on the “wrong key.” When talking about improving adhesion quality, it should be said that Sensei 310 contains a special silicone, while the “mat” plastic prevents slipping.

The fact that this is a mouse that weighs only 92 grams means that Sensei 310 is one of the “lightest” mice in the market. If you need “enhanced” sensitivity monitoring, it’s good to know that Sensei 310 supports sensitivity up to 12,000 CPUs (which is much more than someone would have).

Razer Naga Hex V2 – Buy Now at Amazon

Positive side:

  • More comfortable to use and much better designed than the pretense – Naga Hex
  • The thumb keys are adequate and are not valid
  • Circular design helps easier to touch the touch keys

On the Negative Side:

  • The mouse wheel can seem to be momentous moments

The Naga Hex V2 is an improved version of the Naga Hex model, which means that if you fall under the “heavy” RTS / MMORPG gamers, the purpose of which is to place the mouse as many shortcut keys as possible, this mouse might be what you are looking for.

Razer Naga Hex V2 mouse – Buy Now at Amazon

Usually, a large number of specialists do not recommend mice having 6-12 key strokes, mostly because of suspicion that the keystroke is simply not good enough to use these keys on the mouse.

That’s why almost everyone will recommend that you prefer to use some “generic” gaming mouse and keyboards in combination, without having to rely on the mouse more than needed. However, if you do not mind putting your mouse on the mouse, and if you know what you are doing, and want a quality mouse, be sure to choose Razer’s Naga Hex V2.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Buy Logitech G502 at Amazon

Positive side:

The mouse that uses the highest quality Logitech sensor
The mouse that offers one of the best clicks we’ve had a chance to try

Durable battery life, small amount regardless of the fact that it is a wireless mouse

On the Negative Side:

Exceptionally expensive

One of the best sides of this mouse (along with this mouse can easily write a whole review) is its PMW-3366 sensor. It is the highest quality sensor that Logitech has to offer on the market at this time.

Together with the fantastic ergonomic design designed to perfectly fit the mouse in virtually every palm of your hand, rubber surfaces that deny any slip and nanometer precision click, Logitech’s G900 Chaos Spectrum is among the best high-end mice currently available on the market.

The only “negative” of this mouse is the price, but every cent you take for this mouse will cost well to every user.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core – Buy Now at Amazon

That would be it! Although with these mice there are still some that can be listed (such as Logitech’s G502 Proteus Core ), the mice described in the article are an indicator of excellence in the gaming mice world at all. What will you choose? What kind of mouse do you use for gaming? Share your opinions freely with us!

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