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Which is the best SSD for gaming in 2017

Which is the best SSD on the market today and what is being looked at if some SSD is “good” or not? Factors that play a role in this are a lot. Depending on the speed of memory, the controller, the interface, and of course the data storage protocol, SSD can be good, better, or one of the best.

Just a few years ago SSDs or Solid State readers were something reserved only to those who liked the best and fastest regarding computer and gaming performance, and that meant for those who were too deep a wallet. Today, the situation is a bit different because some things have changed.

Today, even the most expensive SSDs are priced more affordable than a few years ago with the average expensive SSDs. What is so important to many today’s models is that their speed has increased and that is pretty, which is great news, especially if you are a gamer.

Which SSDs are the best for gaming? Are you more users “leaning” on the speed of writing/reading data or storage? Below you can read about the choice of our six best SSDs available in the market.

Samsung 960 EVO 500GB

The Samsung 960 EVO model is the ideal choice if you need a great combination of SSDs that contain “best of all,” i.e., a combination of speed, storage capacity, and value as such. At present, this SSD is one of the best SSDs in the market, and most of all because of its successor or a version of 1 TB, is still overwhelming, making this model a great choice if you want the ideal ratio invested and earned.

What’s most likely to be to a large number of users is the fact that the Samsung 960 EVO has a storage capacity of 500 GB. This is more than enough to install Windows and a good number of games that you might eventually download with Steam. If you need SSD with which you will have a download speed and SSD that will have more than enough storage space and to install all the titles you want to play (even those that are more than 50 GB), the 960 EVO is the ideal choice for you.

This SSD has a Turbo Write mode of data writing, meaning that TLC V-NAND and that because of some measurements it has even better performance than expensive SLC memory while some other researches say that this SSD can supposedly “overwrite” and 960 Pro version. It is available for about $ 250, while it can be found for about 2000kn, with a 1TB version available at the cost of $ 500.

Intel SSD 600p 512GB

Intel’s 600p SSD model is in fact targeted at the mainstream market, most notably because of this SSD, in spite of what it wants its customers to provide the best performance for a higher price, also features some of the cheaper SSDs, such as for example, a cheaper controller and a cheaper TLC memory.

The combination of cheaper and more expensive is something Intel’s 600p SSD wanted to supply a wide range of users. Despite that this may not be one of the fastest SSDs in the market, compared to many SATA drives the 600p model still “shakes.” The price of this disc is about 1500kn.

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

Despite the fact that it is a two-year-old SSD, the Samsung 850 EVO continues to hold a high place of high-end SSDs both for gaming and other things.

Despite the fact that time and time are moving, SSD technology is developing faster and better; the SATA interface is something else. SATA connectivity has stagnated for some time because, in theory, this interface has already reached its theoretical maximum of 600 MB / s, while the modern 2.5-inch SSD is more than capable of “tipping” that speed.

Despite the fact that the Samsung 850 EVO SSD of 500GB has a SATA interface, no matter which SSD is still one of the ones you will want to choose, especially if you do not mind the older interface and the older model. The price of this disc is around 1000kn.

HyperX Savage 480GB

The previous version of the Kingston HyperX SATA drive was used by the SandForce controller, but the newer version of the Savage SSD drive itself has a better Phison memory controller, which gives much better performance and speed of writing/reading regardless of whether it’s 4K quality or something else.

All in all, the HyperX Savage 480 GB is a good and worthy successor that brings technological improvements to its predecessors, making this SSD very easy to become one of the best in SSD gaming and heavy duty work on your computer when the speed of reading and writing data is the key to everything. The price of this disc is around 1500kn.

Samsung 960 Pro 1TB

The Samsung 960 Pro version is an improved version of the 960 EVO 500GB model we’ve discussed at the beginning of this article. Although the 960 Pro is really a high-performance SSD that is worth every cent and despite the fact that it is an SSD that today is considered as one of the probably best SSDs for gaming and heavy-duty work on computers, it is unlikely that there will be a large number of gamers, even those who consider themselves “heavy” to decide on buying one.

The only reason for this is not just the price, which should be acknowledged to be quite high, but also the fact that it is difficult for any user to have (at least in time) the need for 1TB SSD.

If you have a “slice” of a computer that you want to play VR games in the greatest detail and if your speed of reading and writing is important and it does not matter to you that this SSD costs about $ 500, then I advise you buy it. You will not regret it, and as a supplement, you will appreciate the fact that the Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB comes with a 5-year warranty. The price of this disc is 4500kn.

Crucial MX300 750GB

Crucial’s MX300 is probably one of the most affordable SSDs available today on the market. Although it is not the cheapest that exists and despite the fact that it is not the fastest if we consider it to have a medium fast speed of writing and to say it is affordable, it has a fairly good price ratio regarding the amount of storage space it has.

The MX300 could easily be your choice if you are looking for a larger amount of storage space, not so much speed. All in all, quite a good entry-level SSD. The price goes around $ 250 for the 750Gb version, while for us there is currently only a 500Gb version at a price of 1200kn.

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