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Should you buy iphone X or an Android phone

We all already know, because all the media are streaming, this new millennium iPhone X has also been introduced, which as always is one of the most interesting technological achievements in the smartphone industry, coming straight from the home of the well-known tech diva – Apple. Packed with technology solutions and novelties created at Apple’s home, the iPhone has always brought something new, but is it all that way? Has the world got new revolutionary solutions to the smartphone, the recent appearance of the iPhone X in the light of day?

The fact is that many of these “new” features have been present on Android phones for some time, some have been seen recently, and some have been present for years. This is not a bad thing. Smartphone manufacturers lend ideas to each other all the time, and when they do it, we all have the benefit because we get a mostly upgraded version of the feature and we also have a wider choice of interesting features. Instead of having only two phones with a double camera, for example, we have dozens of them.

So what’s new in the iPhone X and already existed on Android?

1. No home keys

After the original iPhone introduced the legendary home button, other phone makers also followed this design of their phones. However, this changed over time so many Android phones moved from the central home button to the three physical navigation keys. While some have switched to full control only on the screen.

2. Thin frames and edge from edge to edge

Deleting Home Keys enabled the iPhone to increase the ratio between screen and body and achieve a magnificent screen from edge to edge. In that case, Apple is completely in the trend. Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG are some of the first phone makers who increased the phone’s face and removed the ugly frames. (Although iPhone X still has one, called the “cut-off.”)

3. Larger screen size

As a result of the screen stretch, Apple could mount a larger screen in space that is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus body. The larger screen gives you more space to read, view applications, watch videos, and play games.

iPhone X is the first phone where Apple has exceeded the screen size of 5.5 inches diagonally. Jumbo Android Phones or Phablets have passed that threshold long ago and remained there. Thus, for example, the 6.4-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra had seen the light four years ago.

4. OLED screen

In the world of phones, Samsung is equal to OLED, OLED is the same as Samsung. Also known as AMOLED, screen technology that is appreciated by the depth of black, vibrant colors and energy savings compared to the LCD screen. For years, Samsung phones have used AMOLED screens, along with a handful of other devices. In fact, the Samsung Display is one of the few manufacturers of such displays and is deeply believed to be an OLED display supplier for the iPhone X.

5. iPhone x wireless charging

Apple is following Samsung again. Nokia / Lumia phones. And LG has made Google Nexus 5 with wireless charging. All three new iPhones will adopt this feature, and that’s great. Apple’s wireless charging solutions will set a real boost in technology and will probably become the standard for many future phones.

6. Unlock your phone with your face

Microsoft first introduced this feature to unlock the phone with some of your faces when it launched Windows Hello on Lumia 950 and 950 XL phones. Then came Samsung with scanning iris, that is, eye pupils, and then re-opening with a face. iPhone X is a bit different; Apple has also caught up with this concept of unlocking the phone.

7. OIS on both rear cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both rear cameras, which will help you reduce cherry when shooting video and photos, while also helping to improve the quality of the photo with limited light. We hope this will start to look at all double-lined phones as a standard. This is certainly a welcome addition to iPhone X, which unfortunately does not have the iPhone 8 Plus.

What are the real innovations of the iPhone X?

Apple has a long history of popularizing features that are already present in the phone market, but it is also one of the top leaders in phone innovations. Here’s what the iPhone X brings to the table.

8. iPhone x notifications

Displays the notifications on the screen when you are viewing the phone

Observations are displayed on the screen only when the front camera recognizes you and makes sure you are there.

9. Pay with your face

Samsung’s “face unlock” feature is still not safe enough for secure mobile payments, but a new Apple Face ID could be. Many such features are considered ridiculous and unnecessary, but the use of biometrics is coming to the door and entering the world of smart phones, so we believe that this feature will continue to develop and appear on future phones.

10. iPhone x animoji

An animated panda that mimics your facial expressions

Do I have to say something else? Fun .. In iMessage, you can call Animation to match fun cartoons on your real face with a host of pre-made emoji. You just have to change your face and turn your head; the animations will mimic all your gestures.

The main purpose is to capture messages as animations and to insert them into messages, a brand new way of communicating with friends. For who does not want to see himself as a living cartoon?

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