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Truth About Apple Battery Replacement Scandal and Lawsuits

Apple is looking into reimbursing customers who have paid the full price of $79 for an iPhone battery replacement. Most of these customers paid full price for a battery replacement after they noticed their devices getting slower which was deliberately done by iOS updates to preserve battery power in old devices. However, this gesture has invited lawsuits from various customers who are not happy with this FREE-SERVICE CONCERN.

There were no further details about the possibility of granting that reimbursement. The idea was raised in a five-page letter that Apple sent to Senator John Thune who last month demanded that the company offer more details about the handling of the iPhone.

On Tuesday, Thune released Apple’s response letter, dated February 2. He assured that the company would provide more data on the reimbursement at a future date.

Since December, Apple has been replacing the batteries of older iPhone models for $ 29, compared to the regular price of $ 79. The offer will be valid only this year. The new battery should prevent the old iPhone from letting up.

Apple apologizes for reducing the speed of the iPhone.

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Apple updates deliberately slowed down the speed of old models of iPhone which was done to prevent the device from automatically shutting down due to battery depletion.

However, this move was not welcomed by customers who are now filing lawsuits against Apple for making their devices slower without informing them.

Apple also announced that it would lower the price of its replacement battery to $ 29. This device had a previous cost of $ 79 for those who did not have the Apple Care maintenance plan.

“We apologize,” the company said on its website. “We have never done-or would-do anything that intentionally reduces the lifespan of any Apple product, nor degrades the user experience to drive user updates.”

The replacement plan will begin at the end of January for all those who have an iPhone 6 or later model that requires a new battery.

Customers soon expressed their annoyance after this month a report was released that brought out the intentional reduction in speed during a performance test. It was until that moment that Apple recognized that the reduction in speed was due to a patch they launched last year.

The company’s shares fell 2.5% on Tuesday, and it was until Thursday that they partially recovered. They were also hurt after analysts predicted lower demand for the iPhone X.

At least five groups, with clients from Texas, Illinois, California and New York, filed lawsuits against the company because of the speed reduction.

Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, said Apple was put in a difficult position by having to explain what happened to deal with the fact that all lithium-ion batteries degrade over time.

“The mistake, if there was one, was not having been more transparent,” he said. “They tried to make the iPhones last longer for people.”

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