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Apple Updates in Dec 2017 slowed down Older iPads and iphones 6& 7

Many customers of Apple iPhone and iPad reported that their devices are running slow after recent updates. There was a serious concern regarding slowing down of old phones and iPad devices after recent updates.

While customers were wondering “Why their Apple device slowed down after recent upgrades“, Apple is now clarifying that updates done to their old devices were aimed at preserving battery, and these updates could have slowed down their devices. Apple will now allow users to turn off their iPhones slowing. That option will be included in an upcoming update iPhone OS, which will be available to developers in February and the public soon after.

Did Apple deliberately slowed down ipads, iPhone 6&7, and older Ipads ?

Apple admitted that its iOS updates during December 2017 has indeed slowed their older models

The technology giant acknowledged that the iOS 10.2.1 and 11.2 were trained to reduce the speed of the devices to compensate for problems with its aging batteries lithium ion. Otherwise, they could cause the iPhone turns off unexpectedly.

Apple have actually admitted in Dec 2017 that its iOS software launched last year can slow down their phones to offset some problems with its aging batteries lithium ion. When a phone supplied by an old battery faces one of these conditions, it can start trading with problems or even shut down inadvertently. Such was the case last year with the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S, when it was reported that some of the phones are shutting down especially when processors are trying to do multi-tasking or running a heavy app.

In response to this problem, starting with iOS 10.2.1 Apple tried to improve power management capabilities to make them run in minimal configuration to preserve battery power.

The technology giant said that as batteries age, they lose their capacity about new batteries and may face problems when they have low or at low temperatures.

However, this caused serious concerns by some of the customers. On 28 December, Apple sent a letter to its customers in which apologized for the “misunderstanding” generated about the slowdown of the iPhone and offered discounts for users who might want to change the battery of your phone.

Apple Sued Over Slowing Down iPhones

Has Apple Deliberately Slowed Down Your iPhone

New OS Update in February 2018 will allow users to turn off iPhones slowing down.

The computer giant Apple will allow users to turn off their iPhones slowing devices, according to an announcement made by Tim Cook, CEO of the company.

Cook said the portal ABC News that iPhone owners could now disable a software option that reduces the performance of older devices to save battery.

These recent iOS updates Apple aimed at slowing down older models were not appreciated by some customers. The explanations by Apple were insufficient for some customers, and only the United States several class action lawsuits that were filed accusing Apple of fraud, false advertising, and unjust enrichment.

The company said in the statement that there had been a big “misunderstanding” and called for “apologies” for having “disappointed” to their customers, while offered a significant discount to users who want to change the batteries in your mobile.

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