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Twitter Blocked 50,000 Russian Accounts used to influence US Elections

Twitter has blocked more than 50,000 Russian accounts which circulated fake tweets influencing US elections.

Twitter discovered 50,000 Russian Accounts used to influence US Elections. Twitter this evening published new set of stats related to its investigation on how fake twitter accounts were used to influence the 2016 US presidential election.

More than 677,775 people were exposed to fake social media posts generated from more than 50,000 automated accounts.

Several of these accounts have been tracked back to organization called the Internet Research Agency, or IRA, with known ties to the Kremlin.


On the other hand, he said to have sent emails almost 670,000 people in the United States that followed, gave retuitearon or “like” the tweets of these accounts during the electoral process. The internal investigation of the company is part of the revelation about Moscow’s interference in the elections of 2016 to undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who ended up being defeated by Donald Trump.

“Any activity of this type represents a challenge to democratic societies everywhere, and we are committed to continue working on this important issue, ” said Twitter.

The company also said they have identified 13,512 additional accounts, totaling 50,258, which created automatic content related to the elections and linked to Russia. In this way, we have tried to respond to the criticism he received, along with Facebook and Google, having served as a platform for Russian propaganda.

US authorities are investigating the alleged Russian interference, which Moscow has repeatedly denied. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller leads the official investigation, which helps the FBI.

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