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Dangers of Suppressed Sneezing

Read about some of the dangers and consequences of suppressing your Sneeze if you think Sneezing in public is impolite

Doctors warned about the dangerous consequences of suppressing sneezing.

Feeling ashamed or motivated by the belief that sneeze in public is impolite, many people try to suppress this natural mechanism of the body, or do ‘within’. Consequences: Nosebleeds, ruptured eardrums and other internal damages to the body

Those who are ashamed to sneeze in public should be aware of the worse the consequences of not doing so.

Is sneezing is a mechanism unintentionally occurs in response to various stimuli, either an infection of the airways or simply to remove something that is irritating to sensitive parts of the nostrils. The most common are caused by foreign matter such as dust, pollen, pet hair, among others. It is a natural way of your body to thrust out foreign matter out of your body which has entered your nostrils. It is the best defense mechanism for your body (more specifically, the respiratory system) to expel air from the lungs through the nose or sometimes from the mouth. It is a reflection, and the convulsive act that occurs when there is an irritation or body detects a foreign matter which is not supposed to be there.

What happens next is a quick and strong inhalation of air passing into the lungs in a short time. The abdominal muscles cause the diaphragm to rise suddenly pulmonary pressure does not increase, and pharynx opens.

Do you think Sneezing in Public is Impolite! Think Again?

Earache and even ruptured eardrums are some of the consequences of suppressing sneezing.

How fast does sneeze travel before being expelled?

When you are about to sneeze suddenly, the air is traveling at a speed of 60 and 150 kilometers per hour in yours. This speed is enough to cause major damage to your body if it is suppressed in any form.

Repressing sneezing is very common because many people are embarrassed. Perhaps the taboo comes from childhood when I used to say it was rude. Stopping the flow of air just before it is about to go out of your body can be very harmful.

Medical studies have no claimed that keep air out through the nose or stop it just before being removed can be harmful to health.

There have been reported cases of vascular breakages as, for example, nosebleeds, bleeding eardrums or ocular conjunctiva. In some cases, there was major damage to the eardrum because your nose, ear, and throat are interlinked. A pressure at any point can find its way out of another passageway which can be dangerous.

Is sneezing in Public impolite ?

In turn, causes inflammation of the nasal passages and eardrums, headache and ear and even hearing impairment. Some of the consequences can be illustrated by what recently happened to a man in 34, who came to the emergency room of a hospital in Leicester, England, with a swollen neck and extreme pain.

“The patient felt a popping sensation in the neck after he tried to stop a sneeze by pinching his nose and keeping mouth shut, ” as reported by doctors detailed in a study published in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports. A CT scan confirmed what they suspected: Sneeze repressed force had broken and had opened the back of the throat.

Sneezing towards the inside of the elbow is one of the recommendations for not suppressing sneezing

The man, who could barely swallow or speak, was admitted to the hospital, where it was fed by tube and administered antibiotics intravenously until they disappeared swelling and pain and could be discharged a week later.

Is Sneezing bad for you ? Absolutely Not

“Stop sneezing, blocked the nostrils and mouth is a dangerous maneuver and should be avoided,” concluded doctors.

Nor will it be necessary to go to extremes and cause bursts of germs everywhere. Just cover the mouth and nose with a tissue or handkerchief or sneeze into the inside of the elbow, it will be resolved the “discomfort” to sneeze into public health and safety.

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