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Porsche’s version of the electric car, Mission E, is coming to the streets in 2019

With “Mission E” Porsche has entered Electric Car industry The new car with the code name “Mission E” can reach 100km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. It will require less than a quarter hours to get charged up to 80% which will be enough to travel a distance of 400km. This new car, which will cost about $ 85,000, will have a maximum range of 500 km with full batteries.

The Electric Porsche will have 600 hp and the 800-volt Mission E concept, in any case, it could become a very desirable and attractive model, available shortly. The new concept of Porshe “Mission E” is a four-door sports car, somewhat like the “exhausted” Panamera, but with a host of new details that would certainly refresh the overall impression of the vehicle. Particularly in the white and black edition, and with new details such as LED backlight lanterns.

This is a completely new type of Porsche, which will be very concise with Tesla models, as well as with other high-end electric vehicles. Moreover, Porsche argues that Mission E will cross the circuit in Nurburgring for less than eight minutes.

How fast will be the new Porsche?

As we mentioned from 0 to 100km / h in just 3.5 seconds, it will take only about a dozen seconds at a speed of 190km / h, while its maximum speed will be around 240km / h. The dual-engine design will feature a four-wheel drive. The batteries are at the lowest possible level, which will further affect the stability of the entire vehicle.

If you look into the Porsche Mission E cabin, you just have the experience of a brand new concept of the vehicle, there will be new holograms for certain instrument functions, and you can control them with the help of the gesture. All in all, we become witness to the true industrial revolution in motoring, and for a couple of years on the roads, nothing will be the same, at least in more developed countries where the most massive sale of new electric vehicles will start.

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