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How to Choose Best Web Designing Companies?

Web Design Vs Web Development

Thanks to web development, we know have billions of internet pages dedicated to different services, topics and subjects. Infact, web development is base to the existence of Internet pages, however in general we know very little about it.  Web development is the process of building and maintaining web pages and apps. And yes, as you might imagine, creating web pages requires programming skills to get the functions and features of the website up and running.

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What is the design and development of web pages?

As you can see, web development is a simple concept. It is the web development agencies that carry out more complex tasks so that any Internet user feels comfortable browsing your page.

Types of web development: Front-End and Back-End

Web Designing Companies in India

Web development agencies are increasingly looking for the specialization of professionals in charge of creating and maintaining web pages and apps. Therefore, three types of web developers can be differentiated:

  • Front end. A developer who deals with the Front-End focuses exclusively on the visual aspects of the website: template, tabs, drop-down menus… His duty is to ensure that all the elements with which an Internet user interacts are always operational.
  • Back End. The Back-End developer is the one who works with the ins and outs of the web. As if he were a mechanic in a workshop, he deals with the aspects that nobody sees. His job is to make the server, the application that runs it and the web database work perfectly.
  • Full-Stack. They are website “experts” that manage both the Front-End and the Back-End. They are the dream of every web development agency!

What is the difference between web design and development?

Are web development and web design the same? Lately the border between both disciplines has been blurred to the point that “web design” has become a generic term that combines the two things. However, yes, web design and development are different. You will quickly understand with this analogy:

“The web developer is like the architect of a house. His task is to ensure that the house has a solid foundation, that the walls and floor are straight, that there is electricity and running water…”

Like an architect, the web developer is responsible for creating a functional page with quality construction.

“On the other hand, the designer would be the interior designer of that house. He paints the walls to create a pleasant atmosphere, covers the floor with rugs, installs a bathtub where he can relax for hours and hours…”

As an interior designer, the web designer works to make the appearance and navigation easy and attractive for users.

It is clear that web design and development are complementary: they need each other to make sense. For this reason, the most common is that web development agencies offer both development services and web page design.

Why have a web development company?

Web designing Companies near meWould you entrust the construction of your house to an architect who does not know how to add ? Would you leave the decoration in the hands of an interior designer who wants to place the shower in the middle of the kitchen ?

If you already know that web development is necessary for your website to work, why not entrust this work to a qualified professional?

Good web development agencies have at least one website creator on staff who knows what they are doing, so having one of them is a decision that will save you from any problems of inefficiency and incompetence.

What are the services offered by web development agencies?

  • Creation of simple web pages. For this, the HTML language and CMS systems (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Magento are used.
  • Construction of complex web pageswith advanced programming language (JavaScript, PHP, Flash, Shockwave…). This is the computer solution that the web development agency will offer you if you ask for a “design page” , that is, a page with development and design created exclusively for you.
  • Web design. Once the page has been built, the agency’s designers will give it a style and apply solutions aimed at good usability and comfort for the user.

Remember: investing in online advertising or hiring an SEO consultant to position the web page will not help if you do not have a page that users want to visit.

  • Website maintenance. The agency will ensure that the page is always in perfect condition and will check that it works at full capacity.
  • Applications development. The best web development agencies offer app creation, design and maintenance services for other platforms, such as mobile or tablet.

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