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Analysis Of Post Penguin Backlink Abilities

There is a need to always understand your links, more importantly, with Penguin and EMD updates. Nowadays, having several links won’t increase your ranking, that doesn’t work anymore. Following the Penguin update, Google has become smarter, and it can monitor link profiles as it has never done before.

So, how can you rank? Well, the answer is simple. Link segmentation and classification still remain your best bet in understanding what makes a site rank.

Lots of websites were affected when the Penguin update came out. The websites affected the most were those whose backlink profiles looked falsified. Several SEO practitioners behind some of these websites were using cheap means to build links (such as building links in low-quality sites, using blackhat tools, and so on). For those people, rather than focus on link quality, they focused on link quality.

To create a level playing field for websites, Google made a Penguin update to place unnatural link builders in check.

Undoubtedly, Google is centered on providing the best search engine results. To achieve that, they are removing sites with low-quality links. These links are not usually earned through their website’s value, but alternative means such as incentives and money.

To have a slice in the market and get your links in the place it ought to be, you need to understand how Google sees links. Mind you, this is not an easy thing to achieve, and there are lots of things to consider in the ranking equation. This is where cognitiveSEO comes into play. With this backlink checking tool, you can understand your link profile.

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CognitiveSEO has some interesting features added to the backlink analysis section. The tool is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for both basic and professional webmasters. The tool can help you understand what is happening with their backlinks.

There is more to CognitiveSEO. Although it does a great job of finding unnatural links and patterns, you can even monitor live links and compare it with that of your competitors. The tool also comes with a handy feature that sends you weekly emails with links that you and your competitors have acquired in the past week.

Overall, CognitiveSEO is a great tool. It is easy to see why several webmasters use it over the years. With constant updates, CognitiveSEO continues to improve their toolset and create an enabling environment for people to track their backlink profile easily.


How To Reinclude Your Content In Google In Record Time

For a while now, there has been lots of press around the complications of SEO. There have been lots of mentions around the bad neighborhood SEO issue. In most of these scenarios, we can identify the negative shady SEOs that are behind these links on purpose. However, there are specific scenarios when you work for a SaaS and the outcome is low-quality links that put your website at risk.

Nevertheless, they are ways to clean up spammy contents as well as links and, at the same time, reinclude your contents in Google’s search results.


Finding a problem

A quick SEO rank checking routine can show you keywords that are not ranking anymore. Logging into Google Webmaster Tools can show you the entire problem, and with just a few clicks, you can see if your website is still in SERP or not. What’s more, you can tell if your entire site is missing from the search result.

Most of the traffic of most websites comes from Google’s organic search, and the loss of such numbers can be harmful to any business.

Despite the problem, there are smart tools that can help you solve such problems. One of such tools is Webmaster Tools. They can help you find the problem even when you are locked out. 

A case in point, we found out that our homepage has accidentally been removed from the search index thanks to Webmaster Tools. Our problem started when we used a plugin to do a cleaning job on chrome. We came across some bad neighborhood SEO issues. It turns out that this bad neighborhood had been created by one of our clients.

The plugin had worked exceptionally well before when we tried to use it, but the last time it removed the homepage of our website from search results.

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Correcting The Problem

Once you identify the problem, the next step is to start fixing it. The following steps will help you reinclude your content on Google.

Step one

Reinclude your content in search. According to Google, this usually takes around 3-5 business days.


Faced With Bad Credit Scores? Here’s What You Do

Some consumers are faced with the reality of poor credit scores, and as such, they find it difficult to get any loans or credit cards or any other thing that needs a good credit card score. However, there is hope for those with bad credit scores.

The new changes that will be enacted will see three credit reporting companies stop utilizing records that shed a bad light on credit scores such as civil judgments and tax liens.

What that means is that if you are taken to court by an individual or group of people for failing to pay what you owe them, this record won’t appear on your credit report. Another record that won’t show up is if a government or an institution has placed a lien on your assets.

With that said, most Americans don’t possess a damming credit past. Nevertheless, the new rules could help people with a worrying past. The Federal Trade Commission says aroma 20 percent of consumers have grave mistakes in their credit reports. So, even if you are making prompt payments, there could still be false information damaging your credit history.

The new rules will put an end to those mistakes, most especially in regards to civil judgments and liens. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are three reporting companies that won’t use those records for evaluating credit scores. However, these reporting companies will use those records when checking your credit if they match your name, address, and birth date/Social Security to any of the records.

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Under the new rules, the Fair Isaac Corp estimates that around 50% of tax lien public record data will be invalid. The Fair Isaac Corp adjusts credit histories into a FICO score for various individuals. The FICO says bankruptcy records will still be used going forward. They also insist that the new rules will not hold so much weight and make a huge difference in credit score.

Over time, lots of consumer advocates have expressed their concerns about the unfair treatment of Americans when it comes to credit reports. Errors in reports have a cascading effect on consumers, and these often lead to state attorneys challenging errors in credit reports.

Errors often occur because computers usually attach wrong information to a different name. This usually occurs when two or more people have the same similar names.

Lots of critics insist that the credit system is flawed, and it is not an accurate measure of whether or not an entity should do business with an individual.

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