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Best Seo Marketing Services for Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective technique which can enable your website to generate more traffic and sales through organic search.

Best SEO Marketing for Lawyers

Website optimization is most competitive in the Legal Law Sector and more and more lawyers and attorneys rely on Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to generate sales/queries.

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Search Optimization is not at all about building backlinks alone anymore. It is more about synchronizing your website content with your end users ensuring that it is

  1. Search Engine Friendly
  2. User Friendly
  3. Fast Loading
  4. Mobile Friendly

If you are planning to hire the best seo for Lawyers Website, then you need for making sure that your Company addresses these important issues.

Addressing some of the crucial issues related to Search Engine optimization will improve the overall user experience of your website. Take for example, if your website is not loading correctly in mobile devices, then it can be a huge turn-off for your potential visitors. It is important for your Law Firm to ensure that your website loads correctly and quickly on mobile search.

Search engine optimization in 2018 focuses on addressing all major technical and content issues which should be addressed. If you are a small law firm, solo lawyer or a big national law firm, then you need to make sure that your website is in the best interest of your visitors, i.e. it should be quick loading, fast, innovative and content should appeal to your visitors. Having few videos alongside your main website will also help to generate more leads.

Best Digital Marketing and SEO for Lawyers

What is the role of Local SEO in Law Firm website marketing ?

Local SEO plays a major role in ensuring that your listing is visible each time someone is making a search within your target Geo Location. You need to make sure that your business is listed in major local directories which will help to improve visibility of your website on local search results.

It is increasingly important for many law firms and consultancies to have a web portal that not only gives a modern vision of the law company but also generates enough traffic to meet its business objectives.

On the other hand, having an active blog highlights the interest of professionals to gain influence, consolidate as an expert and increase their business opportunities.

All these efforts must be accompanied by a good SEO strategy, (from the acronym in English, Search Engine Optimization), with the aim that the web has good visibility in search engines and generate continuous organic traffic.

The SEO improvements, contrary to what is thought, is not usually free since it requires some investment in programming, maintenance of the web portal and generation of quality content.

My recommendation always as an expert in Digital Marketing is to seek the help of a professional, but it never hurts that legal professionals have a basic knowledge of the most important factors that affect the search engine positioning, in case they want to design a corporate page website or start in the world of blogging. Whether you are a injury lawyer, or solo lawyer you must integrate digital marketing and seo with your existing blogs.

In my opinion, these are the key tips that you have to know so that your web portal has good positioning in Google:

  1. Create Unique TITLE and Content for each page.

For this you must know some basic HTML notions.

Within HTML programming there are three key tags <title>, <description> and <keywords>, these tags are key today since its good labeling will allow you to know exactly Google the content that you are talking about on your page.

These labels can be customized for your convenience, and it is advisable that you put an attractive phrase within the description to attract the users that perform the search.

And we see the structure of the code as shown in the home of the office, located under the <head> tag.

It also uses the tags </ h1> intelligently, since at present, a correct location of this tag has great value for Google, since it determines the location of the title of a page.

To check that the code is correct there are free plugins in browsers such as Chrome that will allow you to see if the code implemented is correct as SEO META INSPECTOR.

2. Define an architecture consistent with your business model.

Let’s put the hypothetical case of a multidisciplinary law firm that is dedicated to different areas of law and is building its corporate page; it is recommended that each work area is represented by a single Landing page.

Each Landing page must have a structure at the level of code composed of the labels that we have explained in the first point.

If we take as an example the Landing page of the area of ​​civil law website, we would describe our services related to this area, describing, one by one, the issues in which we are specialized: civil and mortgage proceedings, contractual resolutions, family law, etc. each subject must lead to a more detailed content through anchor texts that allow both the user and the search engines to know more in depth the content of this page, fulfilling two very important objectives:

That the user can go diving in the information from the most generic to the most detailed.

Search what we call the second click, which will allow users to click on the information and therefore reduce the bounce rate, a topic very well valued by Google and we will see later.

3. Opt for simple navigation, make life easier for users and Google.

The navigability is important for search engines such as Google, if the navigation and structure of the content are not consistent, nor helps users to know you in detail or Google to know and index the content.

The goal is to have the most indexed pages and therefore have more visibility in the search engines.

Google as a machine that is, likes to know the hierarchy that each page plays on the website, the appropriate structure will always be the simplest and is similar to the Windows folder navigation structure.

To help users to navigate easily and locate them correctly, you can use the so-called navigation links popularly called breadcrumbs, as in the following example:

4. Do not forget the users who visit your page from your mobile.

The annual mobile marketing study published by the IAB in September 2015 referred to mobile in Spain as the main internet access device (85% daily).

It is estimated that globally this year 2018 will make 105 billion searches on Google, so it is no longer an excuse not to have a website adapted for mobile.

In some law firms, I have noticed that they have a mobile version of their website, but they have problems appearing in mobile searches, in some cases it is because the Google search bot for mobile “Googlebot -Mobile” can not access that site and therefore, can not index any of your pages.

5. Monitor the loading speed of your web portal

One of the important factors for Google is the speed of loading the web portal of the office, a fast upload not only contributes to a better browsing experience of the user and increase the average time of stay on our page , it also produces a greater number of conversions and reduces the technological costs of the office, in addition to the correlation factors that have been analyzed in some cases in studies [1] there is an important correlation of the pages with greater visibility in Google and its loading speed.

The excessive presence of social network widgets or the excessive weight of the images can cause the loading speed of the web portal of your office or consultancy may have been affected.

If you want to know the real performance of your web portal, there are some free tools, including PageSpeed ​​Insights that will allow you to see first hand the loading speed of your web portal for both mobile and computer and will provide solutions to correct the possible incidents.

6. Protect confidential content and help Google to index the most relevant pages

Helping Google to index all the contents has its advantages and disadvantages, on the one hand it has the advantage that the more content and pages we generate, the greater our visibility. On the other hand we have to be very careful about which pages of our web portal should be-being tracked and found in searches. Law firms may have exclusive areas for their clients where you can find documentation or content that we do not want to be stored in Google, for it is very important to correctly define the following:

Make an effective use with the robot.txt file; this file tells the search bots to which part of your site they can access and track, the txt robot generator tools in Google Search Console will help you define this file.

7. Monitor the bounce rate of your website

Identify those pages that are most important for your business and check that they do not have an excessive abandonment ratio.

This indicator counts the percentage of users that conclude their visit to a certain website without having passed the first page about the total of traffic received; the bounce ratio can be seen in the Google Analytics reports.

It is very important to take care and monitor the rate of abandonment of a page in SEO because it is the only way that Google has to identify that the content you access on that web page is relevant to the search of that user.

Also, a high bounce ratio determines:

– Poor quality of the landing page and the published content.
Irrelevant content for the query that a user has made in the search engine and therefore abandons it.

As Google does not stop being a machine (Googlebot), you need to understand as accurately as possible the importance and relevance of a web page and therefore is very attentive to the actions of users, when we work the SEO we should look for what the experts we call the “second click” with the aim of reducing the abandonment ratio.

For this we must work two important aspects:

That the contents are relevant according to each business keyword of the firm
The navigation structure , including what we call anchor texts, which tells users and Google something more about the text that links, and the better your anchor text is, the better it will be for users and for Google to understand the content that is published and will allow reducing the bounce rate due to users deepening information more likely.

8. Publishing original content is very important.

Having an original and quality content at this time may be the most determining factor of all for good positioning in Google, due to the following advantages:

Keep a user more time on your web page

It reduces the bounce rate of the users because the content is interesting.
It is shared by other users, both on social networks and including what we call backlinks from other web portals, which allows you to benefit in many cases from reputable portals of google face.

You can rely on Wordpress website development company if you are planning to design a wordpress website. The most important key in this aspect is to anticipate the information needs your customers need and create content adapted to this, keyword research and its use to create content can be a key factor for generating traffic from search engines.

9. Research keywords that allow you to generate quality content for your potential customers.

Google provides very interesting tools such as Google AdWords keywords tool to investigate the variation of keywords related to my business that can help us to generate related content and quality. Also, a free tool is provided by Google Search Console that we They allow us to know through which keywords our users find our pages more frequently.

That your office can have a blog where you can publish this content based on searches and the interest of users is key to increase traffic from search engines.

10. Take care of your visibility index.

Many times the change of website in an office or consultancy for various reasons: design changes, content management system or server migration can cause serious drops in the index of visibility in search engines.

There are currently tools such as Sistrix, among others, that measure this visibility index and that we could define as “a figure that measures the total value of a domain’s visibility in Google search results. The higher the value, it is expected that more visits obtained from the search engine. The visibility index is ideal for measuring the success of the SEO measures taken for a domain or also the effects of changes in the Google algorithm. “

Also, it is increasingly difficult to know the origin from Google Analytics of visits from keywords because Google uses SSL protocols to protect user searches, so the appearance of the famous “not provider” in almost 90% of the traffic.

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