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Lawyers and attorneys will help you receive justice and compensation you deserve. There are various types of attorneys and lawyers all across the globe.

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Some of the most common categories of lawyers is as given below:-

Bankruptcy Lawyer

  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt

Business / Corporate Law Attorney

  • Collections
  • Contracts
  • Incorporation
  • Litigation
  • Patents

Civil Rights Attorney

  • Constitutional Law
  • Discrimination
  • Civil Liberties
  • Gay and Lesbian Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Human Rights

Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Expengement
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Crime

DUI- DWI Attorney

  • Aggravated DUI
  • Commercial DUI Regulations
  • Drunk Biking
  • Felony DUI

Employment Lawyer – Employees’ Rights

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Termination of employment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace safety
  • Wage and overtime standards
  • Privacy rights
  • Discrimination against employees based on age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, marital status, medical conditions, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Employee benefits like leaves of absence and retirement plans

Environmental Lawyer

Estate Law Attorney / Estate Planning

  • Living Wills
  • Trusts
  • Wills

Family & Divorce Lawyer

  • Adoption
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce

Government Lawyers

Immigration Lawyer

  • Citizenship
  • Employment Business Citizenship

Military Lawyer

  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Military Law Basics


  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal
  • Corporate Paralegal
  • Employment/Labor Law Paralegal
  • Real Estate Paralegal
  • Government Paralegal

Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Back, Knee, Shoulder, Head Injury
  • Hearing Loss
  • Occupational Disease
  • Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
  • Burn Injury
  • Chronic Pain
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health
  • Toxic Injury
  • Amputation
  • Car Accident
  • Construction Site Accident
  • Denied Workers’ Comp Claim
  • Third Party Injury

Private Practice Lawyer

Property / Real Estate Law Attorney

  • Foreclosure
  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Neighbors

Public Interest Lawyer

  • Pro Bono
  • Disability Rights
  • Health Justice
  • Environmental Justice

Toxic Tort Lawyer

Trial Lawyer

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