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Every Company in this world needs to maintain a scalable and reliable web presence to remain competitive. For this, many IT leaders of large-scale organizations have historically sought expensive web solutions that require exclusive support contracts to guarantee quality. However, it can prove costly for medium-size to small size business owners. This is where WordPress helps. Wordpress is an open-source solution which gets attention from even the largest companies on Planet Earth.

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In this specific, article, we will cover the particular needs of the largest organizations, talk with experts in the field about the platform and see the many reasons why WordPress is a perfect tool for your business. We will also talk about competitors and myths about the platform as we move forward. Let’s start with some definitions and a brief background.

How Wordpress Development Companies in India Help my Business Website?

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What is a Company?

“Company” itself is a generic term, but when applied in the context of a particular type of business it usually means a large organization, typically multinational. These teams are usually composed of individual, organizational units with their budgets and objectives.

Corporate Wordpress Website

Also, according to W3Techs, since March 2017, WordPress currently dominates around 59% of the CMS market share.

People’s precise definitions of what constitutes a business organization vary considerably but, regarding technology, a corporate website usually requires the ability to handle significant traffic — especially if it is a media site.

It is also common for business sites to have to accommodate location, multilingual content and many small microsites. Business solutions even often come with complex access requirements that include the need for clearly defined functions and permissions.

How Powerful is Wordpress to Handle your Company requirements?

As the most popular CMS in the world with more than ten years of continuous development behind it, WordPress has become more than mature enough to handle these requirements.

Q: Whenever a business customer asks for their opinion about CMS options, what do they ask more often? What are your priorities?

The most frequent questions I face are: Can you do what I want you to do? How much will it cost? Why should we use X over Y or Z?

The biggest concern is always the delivery and the cost, however. If you have used something in the past or heard from someone using a provider, then clients inquire about the third question.

Common Myths About WordPress Website Development

Myth 1: WordPress Is Only for Blogs

Wordpress started as a Blog CMS, but it grew tremendously as a popular social media CMS, E-commerce Portal, and Social Networking or Social Bookmarking site like Twitter, Facebook or any other.

WordPress is currently powering more than 27% of the websites. The days of being primarily a blogging solution are far from the current situation.

Myth 2: WordPress Is Not Reliable due to Security Issues

This is another myth which is no longer valid. Wordpress regularly updates itself just like any software on your PC and is updated to counter latest security threats which can affect any other CMS websites including ASP.net.

Myth 3: The Open Source is a Disadvantage and Not an Advantage

Our latest myth about WordPress will surprise many, but it remains an unfortunate reality in some sectors of the corporate world, the idea that open source software can not be trusted at the level of a company.

In 2017, this is an argument that has been solved for a long time, but it will still appear from time to time. In addition to feeding the vast majority of the web, Linux is also constantly increasing its control over the business space. Massive companies like Google also have an open source at the absolute heart of their technology piles.

The status of WordPress as an open source project should not be a problem and your commitment to GPL is a giant plus, not an inconvenience. It has been precisely this strong open source base that has allowed the software to flourish while giving thousands of companies a robust platform to provide services around.

Top 10 Benefits of Using Wordpress Development India for Your Corporate Website

  1. WordPress is Expandable, Flexible and Affordable
  2. WordPress Supports Responsive Development
  3. WordPress is Scalable
  4. WordPress is Perfect for SEO
  5. WordPress is Constantly Updated
  6. WordPress Supports Multilingual and Multi-site Functionality
  7. WordPress Does Not Require Companies That Work With Only One Provider
  8. WordPress is Easy to Use and Economic
  9. WordPress Offers Easy Management for Different Access Levels
  10. Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the Web

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