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5 Useful Apps: How to Make Presentations on Mobile

If you are wondering how to make presentation on mobile?. If Yes, then do download some of the apps which will actually allow you to create presentation on your mobile.

We show you some of the most popular applications for IOS and Android systems that can be a good tool to create original and attractive presentations :

Discover the most popular and useful mobile applications to create original presentations. Take advantage of your mobile device and make use of these applications to create attractive presentations.

These applications allow you to create presentations with videos, animations, music, …

The world of applications offers a wide variety of tools to facilitate daily management tasks.

Technological innovations have multiplied the usefulness of our mobile devices, and a smartphone is the most useful tool for any daily task.

The qualitative increase in the use of mobile phones is largely due to the wide variety of applications that allow us to expand the number of tasks and tasks that we can perform very conveniently and quickly.

Along with the convenience, joins that allows us to synchronize our phone with other devices and to access these programs and documents from any other device.

Maybe it had not crossed your mind, but with your mobile you can create attractive presentations that complete the exhibitions of your work. In this way, you can make this type of documents easily and at any time, only with your device and with internet access.

1. Slide Shark

By making an account in this application, we can upload, manage and play Power Point presentations .

It does not allow the editing of the document, but it does use useful tools to make the exhibition more dynamic, such as:

  • Add text
  • Underline
  • Point
  • Reorder the slides

2. Quick Office

It is the most complete applications to edit and create presentations, as well as allowing the handling of formats in PPT, PPTX and DOC.

It offers a variety of tools to create effects, transitions and add images and text. It also allows you to add videos and sounds.

It stands out because it allows us to share the presentations with other devices and screens, only with a wireless connection. In this way, from our tablet or mobile we can control the presentation and use it as a remote control.

3. Haiku Deck

This mobile application allows you to create and share presentations.

It presents a variety of slide templates where we can add content and links.

It also allows several functionalities at the time of the exhibition and to make the transition between slides, so that we present a more visual and dynamic document.

It allows access to a free image bank , which facilitates and speeds up the creation of presentations and makes them more visual and original.

It also provides facilities to share them on social networks, by email or with other users of the program.

 4.  Flipagram

Application that allows you to create and edit photos and videos, in addition to sharing them easily.

It’s the program that lets you:

  • Use basic image editing tools.
  • Add filters that give a touch of originality to the images.
  • Add music and musical effects.
  • Share your creations with other users and on social networks.
  • Search for inspiration and follow videos for topics that are of interest to you.

5. Pixgram

With a few simple steps you can:

  • Choose a photo from your gallery.
  • Edit it with filters.
  • Add music
  • Share the result in your social networks.

Increase the possibilities of your mobile with these useful applications!

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