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List of Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has brought some revolutionary changes in our day to day life. However, every single boon as its positive and negative sides for the human race. Let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Innovation has revolutionized technology

  • Technology is no longer alien to any personal or professional field.
  • The new technological applications are changing the labor panorama and the structure of the companies.
  • The digital age has given solutions to many problems but it has also been the cause of the increase in social inequalities.

All generations before the digital natives are aware of the before and after the technological “invasion” and the revolution that has led to our way of life.

Technology: The Good and Bad

We are inhabitants and witnesses of a technological ecosystem, not seen until now, in which the processes of transition and integration prevail, in a coherent and sustainable way.

Like all disruptive movements, the consequences are countless; but we must not forget that it has as many advantages as disadvantages, and we still do not know the effect of some of its applications.

At this point there is no doubt about the need to adopt this innovation process in any field, because:

Technology shortens distances and improves efficiency …

  • Improves industrial productivity and the use of resources
  • Automate and accelerate processes (Industry 4.0)
  • Gives access to information and facilitates its analysis and processing (Big data)
  • Enables more comprehensive quality processes
  • It gives revolutionary solutions in the field of Health and Science
  • Facilitate collaboration in collaborative communities
  • Opens the possibility of uses of free software programs and systems
  • The global is also local, and vice versa
  • The immediacy increases the effectiveness in the response
  • Facilitate communications and information exchange
  • It is used for sustainable purposes that promote renewable energies
  • Facilitates the use of less polluting transport and infrastructure
  • Create new professions and professional opportunities
  • Promotes self-learning

But it also widens the digital divide and accentuates inequalities …

  • Elimination of jobs in which the human hand has been replaced by robots
  • Health problems derived from the abuse of technological devices
  • Decrease in the need for human interaction to solve doubts
  • Disappearance of the experiential factor in some activities
  • Encourages social isolation and lack of empathy
  • It increases the problems of marginalization of groups that can not access new innovations
  • The immediacy incites an excessive consumption
  • Creates a generation gap in the world of work
  • Promotes programmed obsolescence
  • Abuses natural resources needed for technological devices
  • Use labor exploitation to obtain the necessary mineral resources
  • Shorten memory and mental exercise
  • Promotes more sedentary forms of leisure
  • Creates new psychosocial pathologies



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