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How to Improve Education System in 2018

The education is constantly evolving, always looking to improve to form trained professionals. Teachers and school leaders should reflect on the measures they will take to improve the service they offer. In 2018 the innovations of the technological world and the demands of the labor market will be reflected in the classroom. Education, in its constant evolution, always seeks ways to improve. This 2018 will not be the exception.

At a global level, the growing competitiveness of the labor market that forces students and workers to constantly train to stand out from their colleagues and the insistent demands of companies for having better-trained students for the labor market put education in question.

How to improve the educational system?

Are today’s educational centers training the professionals of the future? Is education adapted to the demands of the labor market? What can educational institutions improve to increase the employability of their students?

Let technology enter the classroom? Take advantage of the benefits offered by Big Data for Education? Increase teacher training?

For the year that begins, pioneering institutions from all over the world begin to propose strategies to improve education in 2018. Letting technology enter the classroom, increase teacher training, and measure student progress are some of the proposals.

Technology in the classroom

To a greater or lesser extent, all teachers and educational institutions have incorporated technology. However, the speed of this incorporation is less than the speed with which new technologies and uses are created for existing technologies. That is, there are hundreds of thousands of advantages that schools could obtain from the use of technology but only incorporate a few.

The initiatives that unite Technology and Education, known as ed-tech initiatives, are becoming more frequent in the most innovative educational centers. These initiatives are intended to facilitate educational processes using technological resources, always with the aim of improving student performance and meet the diverse learning needs that can be found in a classroom.

In 2018 these initiatives will grow even more.

Most qualified teachers

From some sectors it is postulated that it should happen with teachers as well as with their graduates when they finish their studies, that is, that both should take continuing education as a flag.

Education changes constantly, but for these changes to be positive for the professionals who day by day are trained in the classroom, teachers must be prepared for these changes. Therefore, colleges and universities should demand from their teaching staff a permanent update of their knowledge, and even offer these instances in an institutional way.

Measure student progress

Oddly enough, a student’s progress can be measured and followed with the goal of offering an education adapted to the needs and abilities of each student. To achieve this, the leading universities are beginning to use the benefits offered by Big Data applied in education.

Thanks to Big Data technology, teachers can easily evaluate the performance of their students over time and obtain hundreds of useful data about each student in particular. This information will be especially valuable to plan classes in order to meet the learning needs of students.

But also, the students themselves can monitor and analyze their progress.

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