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Is Discord Safe for Kids Below 13 Years Old?

Discord is an application that helps gamers, to instantly message each other while allowing users to send messages, calls and files.

The application was designed to be used by adults. Although it has a restricted control, the minimum authorization to enter is 13 years.

However, as it is an open network, the security and information of the shared data is usually violated, especially if minors are the ones who access the network, because they may be exposed to offensive messages, cyber-harassment, bullying, among other things.

So, it is recommended that minors be supervised by an adult, who will take care of their safety and prevent them from being exposed to things not suitable for their age.

How to protect your Kid on Discord?

Kids can use Discord to talk to other players, but it’s important to warn them up front about the potential risks and responsibility of being on the platform.

It is common for malicious people to enter the application to talk to children and steal their information. Also, there are more serious dangers such as ‘grooming’ -crime for which an adult person contacts a child through the internet-.

  1. One of the most important tips is that, if the child is under 13, prohibit the use of the application, because within Discord’s policies it is not allowed for someone so young to be within the network.
  2. Prevent the child from receiving direct messages from strangers. Through the application you can block unknown people and delimit alternate messages from third parties.
  3. The trust you have with your children is essential, since you can inform them of malicious groups that exist within the network. Talk to them about threats on the internet, such as cyberbullying, fake news, identity theft, and scams.
  4. Remind them of basic security measures such as not opening suspicious links or files, not giving out personal information, not posting photos, and not allowing strangers into the room.


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