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Use SnapChat Ghost Mode to Safeguard Kids

Monday, October 23, Snapchat launched a new update which allows users to hide their location. This feature is highly beneficial to kids which allows them to secure their location while using this app.

With this latest update of iOS, Snapchat continues to function add shared links, allowing users to share links or pages from other applications.

Parents believed Snap Map Snapchat feature puts kids in danger

Recall that last summer, added Snapchat for the first time, options for linking web links and Snap. Currently, the links can continue to share using sharing options link iOS, but with the difference that now when you touch the share icon within another application or a web browser, you will see Snapchat listed along with other options information sharing applications like Facebook or use in Air Drop. These links can share both in private and in group chats.

Hide Your Location with the new feature

For some time now, Android users have had access to the options for sharing links, but Apple users are the first to gain access to temporary ghost mode, however, soon expected to be offered through an update google Play.

Although there is still a feature in Snapchat to enable and disable sharing your location indefinitely, the new feature phantom mode will serve as a timer to turn off your location only a short and precise time (3-24 hours) in which you do not want to share this private information.

The timer function in phantom mode allows users to share their location usually temporarily disable the function. The update occurs after Snapchat also launched Context Cards, which adds details Snaps tagged with location, such as how long is open a business, book a table at a restaurant or shopping reading reviews. The ghost mode continues to impede your friends to see your location, but it also disables some functions such as Geostickers and those cards out of context.

Meanwhile, Snap Map is designed to help Snapchat users to see what happens in the neighborhood, but like any location-based characteristic function can create security problems for many users. The ghost mode allows users to disable the feature completely, and with the upgrade, users can now disable the feature before heading to the surprise birthday party, without having to remember to turn it back.

In addition to all the new features with the new update, iOS users now have a shortcut in which only the touch and hold a user name, the options open to see the history of that person, send them a Snapchat and other shortcuts.

IOS update is now available on App Store, with ghost mode function, which is expected to be launched soon on Android.

How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Snapchat

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