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Providing Increased Security for your Parking Garage

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In a recent article on Business Safety Magazine (BSM), it was noted that the majority of businesses do not have an adequate level of security guards. Specifically, a survey was conducted which indicated that only 20% of businesses with one or more parking garages had adequate parking security. There is a definite need for businesses to seriously consider investing in the acquisition of security guards who are knowledgeable about all aspects of parking garages and who are able to serve as a liaison between the management and security personnel. As a result, your business will have the peace of mind of knowing that its parking garage security guards are fully aware of all the hazards that can occur during the evening and into the early morning hours, as well as being able to respond quickly and effectively to any security situation.

As with many public safety issues, the deficiencies in parking security in our community are being addressed by the creation of neighbourhood watch programs. In the past, such programs have been criticized for being ineffective in deterring criminals or unruly elements from breaking into businesses or parking garages. However, in recent years many of these same groups have been found to be quite effective in reducing crime and preventing crimes of opportunity from occurring.

Neighbourhood watch programs are designed to increase the security of your parking garage. This type of program generally consists of an armed security guard that works in pairs at all times. The armed security guards are posted in several locations around the parking garage, as well as throughout the business itself. These security guards will watch for shoplifters or other opportunist thieves that may target your business. Armed security guards are in place to deter criminals from attempting to gain access to your parking garage.

In addition to providing increased security for your parking garage, many neighbourhood watch programs also provide neighbourhood surveillance. Surveillance cameras are strategically placed throughout the parking garage in order to catch thieves in the act or view what is going on when you are not around. Many of the surveillance cameras are connected to a DVR system that records the activity they detect. You can review the recordings at any time and take steps to stop thieves from gaining access to your business premises.

Parking garages are often used by businesses as employee parking spaces. A majority of businesses fail to properly protect their employee parking garages. As well, many businesses fail to make sure that their parking garages are equipped with devices that prevent would-be thieves from being able to use the facility for personal gain. For these and other reasons, it is essential that you have a properly functioning parking garage. If you don’t have one then you must take the time to learn about the benefits of having a properly functioning and secure parking garage.

* Protection for your vehicle. You are very likely to encounter thieves while you are running errands and will need to have a parking garage that provides adequate protection for your vehicle. Some of the more expensive devices include steering wheel locks and immobilizers that can prohibit the wheels from turning. Other devices are just simple locks that can provide the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe from would-be thieves. All of these items are available to you if you decide to invest in properly securing your parking garage.

* Property Damage. When criminals break into a parking garage they can cause extensive damage to your property. In order to reduce this risk, you should have a device that will reduce or even completely eliminate the impact of a vehicle breaking a window or door. These devices can range anywhere from simple locks and security guards to alarms that will signal to the police department when someone breaks in.

* Professional Assistance. The last reason to consider investing in a properly functioning parking garage comes to you in the form of professional security services. Having professionally trained security guards monitoring your parking garage can provide you with peace of mind that you will not be broken into while you are away from work or on vacation. A professional team of security guards can also help you resolve any security issues that may arise during the course of your use of the facility. These services are also available to you should you need them.

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