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How to Secure Wifi from Hackers and Prevent Neighbours from Stealing Wifi

Learn how to secure your Wifi and prevent someone from stealing your WIFI connection.

You arrive back home from college or work and decide to use the only time of rest to watch a movie or you’re favorite series on your computer. But you find that the internet is slow, and the video does not load at all. Or that 2-minute video takes 30 to load and you still get slow speed on your internet.

You call up your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and customer care replies that internet speed is perfectly fine.

If these situations occur on the frequent basis, it is an indication that someone is using your wifi without your knowledge.

How to Identify if someone is stealing your Wifi?

You can turn off all the wireless devices in your home (such as computer and smartphones) and then you need to monitor your wireless modem. If the light on WIFI router which is labeled WLAN is blinking it is an indication that someone is stealing your network.

Using another person’s Wi-Fi without their knowledge is a criminal offense.

How to Find users connected to your wireless network?

You can install FING application on your smartphone which shows how many users are connected to the wireless network. Fing is very easy to use and has a simple and nice interface, as well as being available for iOS and Android . Check below the step by step, where the order of the images is arranged from left to right:

Install Fing App

Fing for Android
Fing for iPhone

When you open the application, you will see your router and the devices connected to it.

If you do not know any, touch on it to reveal more information, such as IP address and MAC address.

Fing app helps you know which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To unplug the devices, you need to change the Wi-Fi password. Remember: always substitute a more complex one, combining uppercase and lowercase letters – and numbers to make access difficult.

What should I do if someone is stealing my Wifi Signal?

  1. If someone is stealing your Wi-Fi despite your security measures such as WPA2-PSK, you need to change your password to a longer string such as 20-25 Character string which can consist of uppercase, lowercase and special characters. Once you change your Password to a highly secure WPA2-PSK which allows you to choose upto 63 character security code to access Wifi.

    Once you have updated your Wifi Passwords, disable all devices which access wifi and notice if WLAN light is still blinking. Check continously after gap of 20 Min each during 1-2 hour process.

  2. If Solution 1) does not work and you still see WLAN lights blinking, you can disable wifi by logging into your router admin section. You can directly access admin section by connecting your laptop/computer to your router by connecting LAN Port with your computer through a LAN cable. While your WIFI is disabled you can do your important work while keeping your laptop connected with the router through LAN Cable.

    Note: Speed of Internet Browsing is 15-20% higher when you directly connect your laptop with router using a LAN cable. Wireless Signals lose their strength as you move away your WIFI device from WIFI Router. However, the main issue which we are addressing is related to the stealing of WIFI Signal in this article.

  3. You can also install FING app on your smartphone which will help you find users who are sharing your WIFI Signal.
  4. If you suspect that someone has been deliberately and repeatedly stealing your wifi for a long time (despite having all security measures in place), you should contact Police. Someone could use your internet connection to carry out illegal activities which can put your peace in jeopardy.

How to Secure my Wifi Network? Watch Video by Ankit Fadia your Network Security Expert

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