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Instagram Hack – Your Instagram account details are on sale for 8 euros

Just a few days ago, a security bug in Instagram allowed hackers to access the emails and mobile phones of hundreds of celebrities. This Friday it has been known that the gap can be much greater and have affected more than 6 million accounts.

Data from hundreds of Spanish users of Instagram could be exposed. That same website informs, without publishing the names, that there are several sites in which the data of hacked accounts are on sale for about 8 euros.

Ars Technica specialists have had access to a sample of 10,000 accounts attacked, and have found that hackers have, in most cases, the mobile phones and emails associated with them.

That is, according to their calculations, that the number of mobile phones and e-mail addresses available for sale are millions. ComputerHoy experts, who echoed the news, recommend changing the email password and enable 2-step verification.

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