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Installing Unnecessary Apps on your mobile could be Dangerous

App-Stores are full of free apps for your mobile phone, but it does not mean you should install and try every FREE app.

It ‘s really easy to find useful apps for mobile. With the variety of options they offer and the variety of apps that can be found in official stores, users sometimes tend to download apps which are not even required. You could jeopardize your privacy by installing multiple apps which you do not even need. Filling your mobile with multiple apps can be dangerous.

The problem is that, while incorporating new features to our mobile, we can also add some problems. Having multiple apps gives you wide variety of entertainment options, but it also proves detrimental to the battery life of your mobile as well as your privacy.

When you fill-up details on each app you are also exposing yourself to cybercriminals who sometimes hack into mobile apps to steal important data.

What can you do to secure your privacy on mobile?

  1. Never use Debit card. If possible use only credit cards
  2. Never share private pics on apps thinking that everything is private online. NOTHING IS PRIVATE ONLINE? KEEP THAT IN YOUR HEAD ALWAYS. Every data you save online goes into some common public domain where certain agencies can keep the tab on your activities. These could be private agencies, marketing agencies or any other.
  3. Always remove unnecessary Apps. Unnecessary apps occupy space, time and give you unnecessary prompts which distract you from your work. Also, they can continue sending private data even when they are inactive, which puts the safety of users at risk.
  4. Keep your WIFI in off-position when you are working.
  5. Always make sure to update your important apps.
  6. Make sure you have installed good anti-virus on your mobile.
  7. Be selective when it comes to downloading and installing apps. Do not install apps randomly just for the sake of fun.

If you follow these steps, you will have a safer mobile, and applications that are helpful. Removing unnecessary apps from your mobile will increase the speed of your mobile and increase your battery life. It will also help you avoid being the target of cybercriminals who are always seeking private information online,

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