Introduction of resistant trees and plants for green spaces

By choosing the right plant for your yard you can prevent drought and damage to them and consequently financial loss. We wrote green space and our criterion is both heat and drought resistance. All we try to do is to introduce plants that are available in the flower and nursery market and can be easily found. From now on, you will hear somewhere that this is what you mean. I do not know the place of sale of these flowers, there should be nurseries in every city and we no longer have the duty to introduce them. Do not ask. I hope you like it.

Egyptian silk

A beautiful flower with orange and red leaves that appear in summer and its leaves have a bad smell. The flower is resistant to drought and heat and suitable for planting in boulevards as well as flower garden designs. Due to the type of flower shape, the designer chooses the flower form, and Leaves are always intervals.


Paper flowers in different colors decorate the head of houses in the north and south of the country. You can use this heat-resistant and drought-resistant plant to decorate your pergolas and pavilions. In Tehran and cold cities, this flower has a little problem in autumn and winter. The people think that with more watering and increasing humidity and coolness of the air, its flowers will increase, but they do not know that this plant is made for the unbearable heat. You can’t even imagine how much it will make your home beautiful if you put your pots on wooden plant stand for indoors to change a scene for a long time.

 Evergreen oak

Oak maybe you can remember this plant. We have two types of European evergreen oak and one is Asian oak. I always use the introduction of this plant to people.

Five-finger is also marketed, but tek-tuk. Vitex or five-finger pepper is the name of this plant, which is very resistant to harsh conditions.

A tree finch

Marshmallow is a mandatory long day tree and shows good resistance to water shortage and drought.

This shrub is originally native to the deserts of Australia, which is well adapted to the south and north of the country and is unparalleled in heat resistance and dehydration (of course, not pots!). Thanks to durable and quality timber in home decor you can choose a  pot or plant shelf from a wide range of products in the market and home decor stores.

Elm and ornamental elm are very useful in both green space design and goldscaping. Due to its decorative color, it allows the designer to use colors.

I could not believe this plant was hardy! It adapts very well to the environment and is very flexible. This is when I realized that I saw one of my colleagues in the office, how well he resisted those difficult conditions! It has multi-colored flowers and this also opens the designer’s hand in the designs.

Peacock is a very hardy tree that the municipality always uses ozone in any city wherever it wants 🙂 It has yellow flowers that are present until June and are very fragrant. After that, you have to tolerate their green appearance.

They are very hardy plants and some species are very expensive. One of their options is the ability to grow on steep slopes and high points that should be visually planted in such places Johnny Prussians to break the slope and make the ground flat. And it is a very drought tolerant and low water plant. Todays’ homes need something to be more alive and with these plants and designing them with the combination of tiered plant stand for home you can bring livelihood back to your room.

Its venom kills the donkey! This is the meaning and description of the name oleander. It is a very beautiful, flowery and fragrant plant and most importantly resistant to harsh conditions and tropical areas, which can withstand both heavy water and light and heat. Urban greenery and especially boulevards can be planted

It was planted in a Botanical Garden and got a good answer. We put it on the list accordingly. We started planting and replacing this hardy tree with trees like sycamore 3 years ago. It is a very hardy tree with It has good shade and beautiful clustered fruits.

This beautiful shrub is also from the pomegranate or henna family and is very resistant to conditions. Especially since it gives beautiful pink flowers throughout the summer, of course it is also white. You can use this shrub in your boulevards and parks.


The friends of this tree came from Australia for the first time and it is a desert native there… Its leaves repel pests and it is very suitable for planting on highways or blind spots that you want to leave. You did not know what to plant and plant eucalyptus.

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